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Nutrition education

The Child Nutrition department is committed to providing nutrition education to enhance the learning experience for every student. Nutrition classes and services strive to educate students on healthy choices and aid them in developing lifestyle habits. Tulsa Public Schools is proud to provide a variety of education resources to provide education in classrooms, cafeterias, health fairs and at home.

If interested in hosting the nutrition education team for other classes or events, including health fairs or parent nights, please contact Taylor Horn-Speck at 918-833-8695 or

Elementary Curriculum

Go, Glow and Grow (K and 1st grade)

Go, Glow and Grow is a program that Child Nutrition provides for 1st grade. It is a hands-on class that our instructors do right there in the teachers’ classrooms! It teaches the relationship between foods students eat and their functions in the body. It also stresses the importance of a balanced diet.This program includes activities, movement and a snack. A trail mix is made from different food groups they learn about in the activities. This class is scheduled around the teacher’s schedule and it is a 45-minute class session.

To learn more about this program:

Call 918-833-9690 or e-mail Diana L. Jones


Tops and Bottoms (2nd grade)

Tops and Bottoms is a nutrition education class that focuses on fruits and vegetables for second grade students. The class will help students identify different kinds of fruits and vegetables and will stress how eating 5-A-Day fruits and vegetables will help their bodies grow and be healthy. Students will also learn the differences between fruits and vegetables and how they grow. The instructor will read the story "Tops and Bottoms" and will provide a hands-on activity. They will also be given the opportunity of tasting some different fruits and vegetables. This class lasts approximately 45 minutes.

To learn more about this program:

Call (918)-833-9690 or e-mail Diana L. Jones

Bread in the Bag (3rd and 4th grade)

Bread in the bag is a program designed to give 3rd and 4th grade students a "hands-on" experience in bread making. Students will be guided though the hour and a half long process by one of our great instructors. The instructors teach the children team work by pairing them up with one of their fellow classmates for the step-by-step process, giving them instruction on mixing, kneading and nutrition education. Once the dough is kneaded, it will then be divided so that each student has their own dough. Individual loaf pans marked with the students name will hold that students very own loaf of whole wheat bread! After the bread is baked by our dedicated cafeteria managers it is given to the children to take home. This is a class that is offered free of charge by Tulsa Public Schools Child Nutrition.

To learn more about this program:

Call (918)-833-9690 or e-mail Diana L. Jones


Bigger, Faster, Stronger (5th and 6th grade)

Bigger, Faster, Stronger aids 5th- and 6th-grade students in identifying the relationship between food and their bodies. Students review MyPlate and then learn how nutrients in the different food groups function in their body using interactive games. The class is 45 minutes long.

Call 918-833-9690 or email Diana L. Jones.


Community/Parents Night

TPS Child Nutrition and Reasor’s are teaming up to offer a nutrition education experience for your schools outside of class time. Have a parent/community night or open house coming up? Be sure to invite us along to offer MyPlate nutrition education to teach students and parents alike how to  make healthy choices. We can adapt our games and activities to any age group! Email Taylor Horn-Speck for more information or to request an event.

Grocery Store Tours

Store tours led by a Reasor’s Registered Dietitian are tailored for school aged children with an emphasis on the MyPlate model where children are encouraged to make half their plate fruits and vegetables and to choose whole grains, lean protein, and dairy!

Throughout the store, students will learn about making healthy choices while shopping, the NuVal system, and how different foots fit within the MyPlate model. Every tour is adapted for your specific age/grade group and can be personalized to topics you are teaching in the classroom on a request basis. Contact a Reasor’s Dietitian for more information.

Farm to Market (3rd - 5th grade)

Tulsa Public Schools and Sodexo Child Nutrition Services present the Farm to Market Day once each semester for over 400 students. The goal is to increase dairy, fruit and vegetable consumption by introducing farm fresh produce, a milking experience, and education on food’s journey from the farm to a market. Students will learn how fruits and vegetables are grown and raised by Oklahoma farmers, how dairy farms work and the nutritional value of the foods.

To learn more about this program:

Call 918-833-8695 or email Taylor Horn-Speck




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