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Tulsa Public Schools' Child Nutrition department runs many programs / promotions throughout the school year. High school students start the year with a Healthy High School Challenge. Lucky Lunch Month and Dr. Seuss’ birthday are just some of the programs offered at the elementary level. Farm to Market, Fine Dining and Future Chefs programs round out a very busy year.

Below are some of the programs we are currently providing. Click on the link for additional information.

Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program

Congratulations to the following students for being picked as finalist in the Future Chef's competition!





Joy Timmons

4th Grade

Patrick Henry 

Joy's Fantastic Asian Food

Ryan Flint

3rd Grade


Asian Spaghetti

Aariyah Easiley

3rd Grade


Chicken & Shrimp Thai Pocket

Kadince Vaughn

4th Grade

Patrick Henry

Asian Chicken Nachos

Summer Pavey

4th Grade

Lewis & Clark

Healthy Asian Fusion Quesadillas

Meleigha Simpson

5th Grade

Patrick Henry

Asian Meatballs

William Baker

5th Grade

Patrick Henry

Teriyaki BBQ Pork with Crunchy Asian Slaw

Dakota Wheeler

5th Grade


Asian-Style nachos

Anna Dougherty

4th Grade


Baked Sesame Chicken Wings

Claudia Garcia-Perez

3rd Grade


Claudia's Thai Pizza


Future Chefs logo

Future Chefs Challenge

Please join us as a guest on March 28th, 2018 3:30-4:30 in the Cooper Elementary cafeteria.

Please RSVP with Jill Cuenca at 918-810-1119 or

PDF: Future chef guest invitation








Healthy high school challenge

Healthy High School Challenge


The Healthy High School National Challenge is an exciting event designed to reinforce the importance of making healthy food choices to our students, while building ongoing excitements around your foodservice program. High school programs managed by Sodexo around the country will try to out-perform each other by earning points for served balanced plate meals and healthy a la carte snacks and beverages. The more meals, healthy snacks and beverages a school serves, the more points it will earn towards winning the challenge and the Top Prize of $5,000.


To further the nutrition education of high school students through a national challenge that plays off of their competitive spirit by encouraging them to make healthy food choices in order to earn points for their school. 


The Healthy High School Challenge takes place during the month of October, 2017.


Future Chefs logo



Sodexo Experience

Have you or someone you know:

  • Helped a student?
  • Participated in community service?
  • Volunteered?
  • Been involved in the community in any way?


Fine Dining logo
Fine Dining

This program gives students the opportunity to learn etiquette manners for a formal place setting. The students get to practice what they have been taught in an interactive four-course fine dining meal offered by the Child Nutrition Catering and Nutrition Educator teams. The four-course meal consists of a salad, soup, entrée, and dessert.





Lucky Lunch logo


Lucky Lunch Month

Elementary Program





Display Tasting

Seasonal Display Tasting gives students the opportunity to learn about and taste various seasonal produce. The Child Nutrition Catering and Nutrition Educator teams come to a junior high or high school site during the fall and spring. A cooking/prepping demonstration is given about the recipe prepared, with recipe cards available for the students. The students will have the option to sample the prepared recipe from the display tasting station.




The Child Nutrition Catering team comes to elementary and/or secondary sites and cook up hamburgers or hotdogs on TPS's very own smoker trailer for a sack lunch style meal for the students. The students pick up their sack lunches, and head outside to enjoy music and sun.



Dr. Suess's Birthday


Dr. Suess's Birthday

Elementary Program




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