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Excellence and High Expectations with a Commitment To All
Excellence and High Expectations with a Commitment To All


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The mission of the Human Capital Department is to recruit, retain and maintain highly effective teachers in our classrooms, highly effective administrators in our buildings and a highly effective support staff within our positions.

The Human Capital Department will remain focused on customer service with an inherent belief that “our people” are our number one resource.

The Human Capital Department will epitomize the belief that; “if you’re not doing the work, then you better be supporting those who do.”

General Information:

Tulsa Public Schools
Department for Human Capital
P.O. Box 470208
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74147-0208
Phone | (918) 746-6353
Fax | (918) 746-6342

Human Capital Team
Position Name Phone
Chief Human Capital Officer Talia Shaull 918-746-6803
Executive Director of Human Capital Kenneth Calhoun 918-746-6566

Executive Secretary

  • Human Capital Department Fiscal Accounting
  • Human Capital Department Property Maintenance
  • Human Capital Personnel Records
  • Principals and Administrators
Carolyn Hohulski 918-746-6803

Project Administrator

  • Executive Director Human Capital Admin Support
  • Human Capital File Room Management and Record Keeping
  • Human Capital Administrative Support
Lhonda Albert 918-746-6146

Finisher II

  • Human Capital Property Assets Manager
  • School Board Actions/Job Postings/Information Management
  • Unemployment Tracking/Monitoring
  • Human Capital Mail Manager
Michelle Trout 918-746-6888
Human Right Coordinator Pauline Harris 918-746-6517

Director of Teacher Talent

2012-2013 Human Capital Partner Support for (Special Programs)

  • BT Washington-Calm Center-Carver-Continuation-David L. Moss-Hilcrest Medical Center-Juvenile Detention-Lakeside Home-Margret Hudson-OSU Medical Center-Phoenix Rising-Project Accept-Project Accept TRAICE-Shadow Mountain-Shadow Mountain Hope-Shadow Mountain Riverside-Street School-TLA-TRAICE Academy-TRAICE MS-Tulsa Center for Adolescent Treatment-Tulsa MET HS Lombard-Tulsa MET MS Franklin-Virtual School
Ava Hicks 918-746-6383

Finisher I

  • Adult Ed Instructors (part-time)
  • Applicant pool (certified)
  • Accompanists, Student Workers
  • Psychologists, Psychometrics
  • Tutors Certified Nurses
  • Background checks (certified/support)
  • Interpreters (ESC/Kay Sandschaper)
  • Per-qualifying Gallup test
  • UA checks (certified/support)
Lela Clifton 918-746-6353

Finisher I

  • Employment verifications
  • Substitute teachers
Rita Smith 918-746-6510 918-746-6811

Finisher II

  • Residents/Mentors
  • Substitute teachers
Phylena Miller 918-746-6343
Director of Support Talent William Naftzger 918-746-6147

Finisher I

  • Workers Compensation/OSHA Log
  • Support Applicant Pool
  • Support Applicant Pre-Qualifying Test Admin
  • HemZar Challenge Course
  • Campus Police
Irmgard Tatic 918-746-6352

Finisher I

  • All employees supporting the following functional areas:
    • Transportation
    • Maintenance
    • Warehouse
Rogena Keen 918-746-6327

Finisher I

  • ID badges/fingerprint/background checks(ALL)
  • Backup to HC Finishers
Sharon Mason 918-746-6493
Human Capital Partner Betty Mosley 918-746-6884

Finisher I

  • Non-certified Support employees
  • Teacher Assistants/Paraprofessionals
  • Parent Facilitators
  • School Secretary/Clerk
Steele, Sandra 918-746-6358
Human Capital Partner (Secondary) Paul McGee 918-746-6886

Finisher I

Certified Staff at:

  • Central-Clinton/Webster-East Central/Foster-Edison-Hale/Whitney-McLain-Memorial/Byrd-Monroe Demo-Rogers-Thoreau-Central-East Central-Edison-Hale-McLain-Memorial-Rogers-Webster
Mary Hickman 918-746-6354
Human Capital Partner (Elementary) Bradley Eddy 918-746-6269

Finisher I

Certified Staff at:

  • Academy Central-Anderson-Carnegie-Celia Clinton-Chouteau-Dual Language-ECDC Bunche-ECDC Reed-ECDC Porter-Eisenhower-Eliot-Emerson-Grissom-Hamilton-Jackson-Jones-Kendall-Whittier-Key-MacArthur-Owen-Park-Penn-Remington-Sequoyah-Skelly (Lower)-Skelly (Upper)-Springdale-Wright
Pat Moss 918-746-6554
Human Capital Partner (Elementary) Barbara Penrose 918-746-6885

Finisher I

Certified Staff at:

  • Bell-Burroughs-Columbus-Cooper-Disney-Kerr-Eugene Field-Gilcrease-Grimes-Hawthorne-Hoover-Lanier-Lee-Lewis and Clark-Lindbergh-Mark Twain-Marshall-Mayo-McClure-McKinley-Mitchell-Patrick Henry-Peary-Robertson-Salk-Whitman-Zarrow

VACANT 918-746-6576
Director of Compensation & Benefits Potter, Garry 918-746-6185

Supervisor of Compensation & Benefits

  • HRIS/Data Manager
  • HC Munis Coordinator/Trainer/Manager
  • WAVE/Powerschool Coordinator
  • State Department Reporting
  • Salary Compensation/Classification
Amos, Kristy 918-746-6355

Benefits Analyst

  • Life Insurance, Disability, Retirement/Annuities Programs
Stuckey, Patty 918-746-6351

Benefits Specialist

  • Health, Dental, Vision Benefits Programs/ and Retirement Insurance, Testing Proctor
Izett, Sharon 918-746-6350

Benefits Specialist

  • All Compensation and Benefits actions, All extended Leave of Absence Processing/Tracking; All FMLA Processing and Tracking
Deborah Black 918-746-6576



Administrative-Professional-Technical Personnel: 918-746-6803

Certificated Personnel: 918-746-6354

Support Personnel: 918-746-6358

Substitute Teaching: 918-746-6820 or 6811


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