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Leadership team


Deborah a. Gist - Superintendent

Joined Team Tulsa - July 2015
I joined #teamTulsa because being a part of Tulsa Public Schools combines the things I love most—children, family, teachers, education, Tulsans, hard work, and opportunities to make a difference.

Experience: I started my career in education as an elementary school teacher for several years, eventually moving into administration.

Education: Bachelor of Science early-childhood education, University of Oklahoma; Master of Arts, elementary education and curriculum, University of South Florida; Masters degree, public administration, Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government; Doctoral degree, education leadership, University of Pennsylvania

Favorite Teacher: I've had many wonderful teachers including Mrs. White at Carnegie Elementary, Mr. Wiley at Grimes Elementary, Mrs. Gaddis (now Representative Gaddis) from Memorial High School, Mrs. Ratliff and Mrs. Trotter at Nimitz Junior High School. At Nimitz, I also loved my chorus teacher Miss Goble who is now Mrs. Duncan and still teaches in Tulsa Public Schools! My early childhood education professor at OU, Dr. Joanne Hendrick, inspired me and changed my life, and I will always be grateful.

Hobbies: I love adventures of any kind and trying new things. I am also into reading, swimming, weight-lifting, yoga and Pilates.

Favorite place in Tulsa: Other than being in any classroom with teachers and students, I honestly love just being at home with family or together at Harvard Avenue Christian Church. I also adore our museums, parks, libraries and restaurants. Tulsa is so full of great things to do that it would be hard to choose just one!

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Paula Shannon
- Deputy Superintendent

Joined Team Tulsa - July 2015
Team Tulsa hooked me and pulled me in for a few reasons. Leadership matters so much, and Superintendent Gist is an incredible leader with whom I'd had prior experience. I have always admired her relentless focus on elevating the teaching profession and doing what is best for young people. In doing research on Tulsa, it was clear that there was something special underway in the city—and that Tulsans care a great deal about education. The Board of Education demonstrates a relentless focus on students and the philanthropic community stands ready to support. Throughout the interview process, it became clear that Team Tulsa was "all in"! Tulsa captured my heart, and I'm committed to leading alongside many dedicated educators and staff to ensure that each young Tulsan is able to realize her full potential.

Experience: I began teaching bilingual Spanish for fifth grade. Over the years I have also served as a literacy coach, executive director of curriculum, and chief academic officer.

Education: BA, University of Notre Dame; M.Ed., Lesley University; MA, University of Rhode Island

Leader for: The district's overall strategic direction.

Favorite Teacher: I've been fortunate in having a number of incredible teachers! I stand on the shoulders of so many educators who believed in me and invested in me from elementary school through high school. Christophe Kougniazonde at Notre Dame challenged my thinking early in my post-secondary career. He taught me to assess multiple perspectives and craft a point of view grounded in an informed understanding of an issue. As I became a teacher, I realized the gift that Christophe gave to me—a deep belief in the power of transformative relationships and the role that we can play in creating connectedness and helping young people make meaning of the world around them and their place in it.

Hobbies: I'm working on carving out more time to have fun! A few of the things that bring me great joy are: mountain biking, books, skiing, books, wine tasting, books, food, books, exploring our beautiful national parks and experiencing the many remarkable sites around the globe.

Favorite place in Tulsa: I'm less into places and more into experiences. A current favorite is mountain biking in Turkey Mountain followed by a coffee at Double Shot or Hodges Bend.

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Jana Burk
- General Counsel

Joined Team Tulsa - Spring 2011
I wanted challenging work on a high-performing team that improves others' lives.

Experience: Prior to my current position, my most recent Tulsa Public Schools experience involved leading the design of our district strategic plan and co-developing our teacher evaluation system with the district's teachers. Before working at TPS, I spent many years as a school law attorney, and though I taught middle school for only a brief period of time, it is one of my career highlights.

Education: BA, Plan I at University of Texas, Austin in 1992; JD at University of Texas, Austin in 1997

Leader for: General Counsel

Favorite Teacher: My global economic geography teacher at UT Austin, though I've forgotten the name of the class. He opened my world and changed my life course by introducing me to a field of study that connects economics, demography, culture, sociology, environment and location. It was fascinating and eye opening.

Hobbies: Reading, travel, hiking, art, shell collecting, swimming, and anything involving berries or jam.

Favorite place in Tulsa: The renovated Tulsa City/County Library--it's beautiful, it's a place for everyone, and the possibilities are endless.

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- Design and Innovation Officer

Joined Team Tulsa - July 2017
I believe that Tulsa is a city of full of opportunity and potential. I've had the chance to talk to many Tulsans and from them, discovered the city's distinct culture and sense of local pride. I believe that schools are, first and foremost, part of the fabric of a city; I wanted to join a school district that shares that belief. Team Tulsa is a place where I believe I make a difference for schools and children and the City of Tulsa is a place that my family can call home.

Experience: I am fortunate to have spent my 15-year career in public education serving students, teachers, and families at the school, district, and state levels. I led school improvement, planning, and accountability efforts for the Providence Public School District. I've also worked in a number of capacities with the Rhode Island Department of Education, including senior leadership roles focused on career and technical education, special education, programming for English language learners, virtual and blended learning, labor relations, bond and capital fund management, strategic planning, and fiscal integrity.

Education: BA, Brown University; Ed.M., Harvard University

Leader for: Design and Innovation Lab

Favorite Teacher: My favorite teacher was Danny Duncan, my high school track coach. Danny can find the balance between challenging and supporting young adults. He expected more of us than we expected from ourselves, and we never wanted to disappoint him by failing to reach his high standards. I can remember many workouts during which I faltered, wondering if I could finish. In those moments of doubt, Danny would sometimes appear on the track to run the last 50 meters together, his cowboy boots pounding next to me. He has a special gift, and he has given it generously to generations of students and athletes.

Hobbies: My hobby is projects of all stripes: house projects, yard projects, planning a family trip, or mentally mapping out a harebrained scheme. I always have at least 2-3 projects underway and another few in the hopper. On weekends, my waking thought is usually about my projects: how much can I get done, what I should do next, or whether I have made a mistake that requires professional help.

Favorite place in Tulsa: Being new to Tulsa means constantly making new discoveries. Currently topping my list is Turkey Mountain (because it feels like I am on a hike but still in the city), Las Americas grocery store (because it feels like we are in Mexico) and the Boston Avenue Methodist Church (where I like to park and admire the deco details.)

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Nolberto Delgadillo - Chief Financial Officer

Joined Team Tulsa - August 2017
I joined Team Tulsa because of Destination Excellence. I was impressed with the leadership behind it and the mapped-out trajectory to achieve success and thus felt that this would be an excellent opportunity for not only me but also my wife, Lily, who is a teacher.

Experience: I joined Tulsa Public Schools after three years serving Los Angeles students, teachers, and families as chief operations officer at LA's Promise. I've also worked with Green Dot Public Schools supporting principals at seven sites with best practices in financial management and operations, allowing them to focus their time and energy on what matters most – developing great teachers and ensuring that students succeed. I spent a number of years managing operations, information, marketing, and finance for several healthcare agencies.

Education: BA, University of Southern California; MBA, Loyola Marymount University; MA, Broad Residency in Urban Education

Leader for: Financial Services, Accounting, Federal Programs and Special Projects, Finance/Treasurer's Office, Materials Management, Payroll

Favorite Teacher: Mr. Herschler! He was my third grade teacher and was awesome at explaining science. He really did a fantastic job of peaking my curiosity to further understand how things work, so much so, that he asked for a parent conference to encourage my parents to buy me an encyclopedia since he couldn't keep up with all my questions.

Hobbies: At this point in my life it's whatever my two boys are into, which is currently reading Pete the Cat, watching Pixar movies and playing Mario Kart. But when the occasion lends itself, my family and I love to travel abroad!

Favorite place in Tulsa: As a native Southern Californian, I am in awe of the lushness of Green Country and the place where my family really first felt that was at the Philbrook Museum. We came away impressed with the architecture of the museum and how it was nestled within the trees along with that beautiful garden. Although, my favorite place may change as we continue to explore the city, I have no doubt that Tulsa will continue to impress.

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Stephen Fedore (Hoch)

Joined Team Tulsa - 2013
I joined the team at Tulsa Public Schools as a Harvard Strategic Data Project Fellow, with a desire to bring data to teachers and school leaders in a way that is intuitive, easy to access and supportive in improving student outcomes. I am excited to be on Team Tulsa and would be nothing without the incredible partners/colleagues/friends I have in the office of data strategy and analytics.

Experience: I started my education career in 2009 as an elementary teacher at Hartford Public Schools in Connecticut. As a teacher, I spent a great deal of time collecting data from attendance to assessments and more…but I rarely received this data back in a form that would help me to improve outcomes for students in my class. Knowing that we could do more to leverage the power of data to improve outcomes for kids, I enrolled at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to better understand how to turn data into information and information into actionable insights.

Education: Oklahoma State University, (BS) MIT Sloan School of Management (MBA)

Leader for: Leveraging data as a strategic asset to improve outcomes for students.

Favorite Teacher: Coach Stevenson – freshman year algebra I and junior year geometry. While Coach Stevenson would accept nothing less than 100% from me in the 800 and 1600 meter on the track, he would accept nothing less than 120% in the classroom. After failing to turn in a homework assignment junior year and not performing well on the quiz in class that day Coach Stevenson pulled me to the side and asked "do you know what you can do if you apply yourself?" To this day, when I encounter a difficult challenge I ask myself this very question and I proceed to give it my all. Thank you Coach!

Hobbies: I enjoy spending time with my wife, Maria, and our dogs, Hartley and Gage. I am a diehard OSU fan and can be found tailgating at most OSU home games.

Favorite place in Tulsa: Dust Bowl in the Blue Dome District. Keep your own score bowling while enjoying a variety of delicious tater tots.

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Devin Fletcher
- Chief Learning Officer

Joined Team Tulsa - August 2016

Experience: I served as executive director at Denver Public Schools, leading the district in curriculum and instruction, academic strategic planning, and standards adoption and implementation. I also worked in Detroit as managing director at New Urban Learning overseeing all agency operations.

Education: University of Texas, Austin (BA/MBA), The Broad Center (M.Ed.)

Leader for: Talent Management, Teaching and Learning, Educator Effectiveness, Professional Learning, Personalized Learning, Language and Cultural Services, Exceptional Student Services

Favorite Teacher: Coming soon!

Hobbies: I enjoy being active and exploring the amazing bike trails across the city. I am a "foodie" so I appreciate the amazing food scene here in the city. I also love to travel. I have visited 58 different countries and I hope to reach at least 100 during my lifetime.

Favorite place in Tulsa: Coming soon!

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Errick L. Greene
- Chief of Schools

Joined Team Tulsa - August 2016
There's a clear vision of excellence and a talented team working toward that end. I wanted to be a part of this effort and to do great things for children.

Experience: My work in education spans 25+ years, three states, and the District of Colombia. I have worked as a classroom teacher, principal, instructional superintendent, chief of staff, and consultant to senior district leaders in Washington, DC, Detroit, Syracuse, Baltimore, and Newark.

Education: Ed.D. (University of Pennsylvania); MSA (Trinity University); M.Ed. (Howard University); B.A. (Howard University)

Leader for: Instructional Leadership, Athletics, Student and Family Support Services

Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Grandberry was my third grade teacher. She made it clear from the start that she loved us and that she expected great things from us. Mrs. Grandberry was a dynamic and demanding teacher. She partnered very closely with my parents, and we remained connected long after I finished school. She demonstrated a deep commitment to my success, and I never questioned my ability to achieve greatness.

Hobbies: Traveling, listening to music, going to live performances, watching movies, painting, and spending time with family and friends.

Favorite place in Tulsa: The path along the Arkansas River.

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Blaine Young

Joined Team Tulsa - December 2011
While I was already working in public service after 30 years in the private sector, there can be no more meaningful work in public service than preparing kids to find their places as tomorrow's citizens and leaders.

Experience: I have worked in information technology and operations for over 30 years. Prior to working for TPS, I led the IT and operations team for the City of Tulsa. I also served as the associate department head of the Service Assurance Center at MITRE Corporation in Virginia and have held IT leadership roles in the energy, health services, and financial sectors.

Education: BS, American University, LeadFirst Leadership Development, MITRE Institute

Leader for: Campus Police, Child Nutrition, Enrollment and Student Information, Facilities, Information Technology, Transportation

Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Foster was my fifth grade teacher. She took an interest in me and challenged me to do my best in a way that no teacher had before. My interest in school and my grades both excelled as a result. I remember her fondly to this day.

Hobbies: Music, automobiles and anything outdoors.

Favorite place in Tulsa: The Philbrook Museum. I love the historical artifacts on the inside and the beautiful grounds on the outside.

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Matthias Wicks
- Chief of Police

Joined Team Tulsa - 2015
I joined Team Tulsa because there are needs here, and I have to do my part and be part of the answer. I wanted to continue encouraging youth and families, and bridging communities surrounding them. I see the opportunity to serve in this capacity right here, right now.

Experience: I joined Campus Police in 2015 after more than 20 years as a detective with the Tulsa Police Department.

Education: Bachelor's degree in communications from Oral Roberts University, Master's in management from Southern Nazarene University, and anticipating completion of a doctorate in educational leadership this fall.

Leader for: Tulsa Public Schools Campus Police

Favorite Teacher: Tough question to answer because I had several great coaches and teachers who cared, supported, challenged, and loved me unconditionally. But specifically, it was my speech pathologist (wish I remembered her name) who helped improve my trajectory. This little kid who was hurt and angry because he couldn't say certain words and letters, learned patience because of this amazingly patient speech pathologist. Thank you ma'am. And thank you mom for making sure I didn't miss those visits with her.

Hobbies: My hobbies are coaching track and field, writing, helping people, and visiting historical buildings/homes that tell stories. Thanks to my mentors and coaches who did so much for us young people growing up. It wasn't until I started coaching that I realized why they kept coming back to coach us.

Favorite place in Tulsa: My favorite place in Tulsa. HMMMMM! Anywhere in Tulsa that facilitates the "nothing box" so I can have free thinking.

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Instructional Leadership Directors


Estella Bitson
- Instructional Leadership Director

Joined Team Tulsa - 2011
I joined Team Tulsa because I wanted the opportunity to serve in an urban district. As a successful product of the Chicago Public School system where I experienced great teachers, I knew that I wanted to give back to an urban community in order to continue a tradition of providing a good public education for all students centered around excellence and equity for all.

Experience: Prior to my current position as instructional leadership director, I was the principal at Hawthorne Elementary School where I enjoyed serving the students, families, and community for 5 years. I also served for 12 years as a principal and 3 years as a middle school assistant principal in Missouri.

Education: B.S. in Education (1993) and a master's in elementary administration from Lincoln University-Missouri (1996); specialist degree in administration (1997) and a doctorate in curriculum and instruction from the University of Missouri Columbia (2004)

Leader for: Instructional leadership director for Bell, Celia Clinton, Disney, Gilcrease, Jackson, McKinley, Mitchell, Owen, Penn, and Springdale elementary schools.

Favorite Teacher: Ms. D. Wooten, the freshman literature teacher at Curie High School for the Performing Arts, was my favorite teacher because she always made you accountable for your own learning through critical thinking, problem solving and debate. We read and analyzed many books, and Ms. D. Wooten made literature come alive in her classroom.

Hobbies: Traveling, reading and attending football games...Go Chicago Bears!

Favorite place in Tulsa: Tulsa Performing Arts Center is my favorite place in Tulsa because I enjoy watching Broadway shows. In high school, I participated in plays which sparked my love for the performing arts and my interest in attending Broadway shows.

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Jessica Haight

Joined Team Tulsa - August 1992
Upon graduating from college, I moved back to Tulsa since this is where my family lived. Tulsa Public Schools seemed like the natural staring point for my teaching career.

Experience: I taught fifth grade for nine years at Cherokee Elementary followed by five years at Chouteau Elementary. I started my leadership journey serving as a principal intern at Eugene Field. I moved into the principal role at Robertson Elementary in February of 2016 and remained for 6 1/2 years. I just completed my fourth year as an instructional leadership director.

Education: Masters of science in teaching, learning and leadership - Oklahoma State University, bachelor of science in elementary education - University of Oklahoma

Leader for: I coach and supervise eleven elementary principals for: Dual Language Academy, Eisenhower, Eugene Field, Grimes, Hoover, Kendall-Whittier, Kerr, MacArthur, Mayo, Sequoyah, Zarrow.

Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Cambell (PK) and Mrs. Coffelt (second grade) taught me that school was a fun and exciting place to be. I felt special in their classrooms. A stand out in high school was Mr. Miser. I had no idea that diagramming sentences and writing research papers was going to be something I enjoyed and would have an impact on my success later in college.

Hobbies: I enjoy traveling, reading, shopping, watching movies, eating all kinds of yummy food, and spending time with my family and friends. When I find some of that elusive spare time, I enjoy teaching Pilates.

Favorite place in Tulsa: Childhood memories include Bell's Amusement Park, Woodward Park and Pennington's Drive-in (sitting in the station wagon with my family eating fried shrimp out of those red baskets!). As an adult I enjoy exploring the restaurants and entertainment options downtown. It has been fun to participate in its evolution and resurgence over the years.

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Jennifer Gripado
- Elementary Instructional Leadership Director

Joined Team Tulsa - August 1995
I joined Team Tulsa because I wanted to positively impact the lives of students. Tulsa offered a variety of professional learning supports for new teachers. Team Tulsa nurtured my growth as a teacher and provided numerous opportunities for me to learn and grow as a professional.

Experience: My entire professional career has been with Tulsa. I began as an elementary teacher at Kerr Elementary teaching third and fourth grade. I transitioned out of the classroom into the role of elementary science resource teacher and supported teachers across the district in teaching science. My administrator experiences have consisted of assistant principal at Nimitz Middle School and principal of Park Elementary and Grissom Elementary. Currently, I serve as an elementary instructional leadership director for ten elementary schools. I love working with principals, assistant principals and teachers!

Education: Bachelors in arts from the University of Tulsa, masters in education from University of Tulsa, pursuing doctorate of education, administration, supervision and curriculum at the University of Oklahoma.

Leader for: I support and lead ten elementary schools: Anderson, Burroughs, ECDC Bunche, Hamilton, Hawthorne, Jones, Lindbergh, McClure, Salk, and Whitman.

Favorite Teacher: Dr. Jean Blocker of the University of Tulsa is my favorite teacher. She is witty, challenging, demanding and an expert in her field. She pushed my thinking and the quality of work that I submitted. She challenged my thinking about the world and about myself. She changed the way I process information! She still influences me today.

Hobbies: I like to grow flowers and veggies. I am a foodie! Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am always looking for a great rock to collect. :)

Favorite place in Tulsa: I love the Linnaeus Teaching Gardens! Such a beautiful place to observe nature!!

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Phyllis Lovett
- Lead Elementary Instructional Leadership Director

Joined Team Tulsa - August 1992
I joined Team Tulsa because I wanted to be a part of a progressive school district, and I wanted to make a positive difference in the academic achievement of underserved students.

Experience: I have worked in public education for 34 years. I served as principal of Gilcrease Middle School for two years, and as principal of Penn Elementary School for 15 years.

Education: BA, LaGrange College, MA, LaGrange College, Ed.D. Oral Roberts University

Leader for: Instructional leadership director for Academy Central, Clinton West, Columbus, Cooper, Lanier, Lee, Lewis & Clark, Mark Twain, Patrick Henry, Peary, and Project ACCEPT.

Favorite Teacher: My second grade teacher, Ms. Dunn, was my favorite teacher because she saw my potential, and she encouraged me to always do my best regardless of what others are doing.

Hobbies: I like to work in my flower garden, take walks, and I like watching movies with happy endings!!

Favorite place in Tulsa: My favorite place in Tulsa is Utica Square because I enjoy shopping and dining in such a relaxed atmosphere.

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Kayla Robinson
- Instructional Leadership Director

Joined Team Tulsa - July 2013
I joined Team Tulsa to make a contribution to the development of school leaders and teachers. I am excited about the level of investment Team Tulsa has in making Tulsa the destination for great teachers, and I want to be part of that journey.

Experience: Prior to joining Team Tulsa as instructional leadership director, I served Tulsa Public Schools as the principal at Marshall Elementary for nineteen years. I joined TPS in 1993 after three years as a principal in Oklahoma City Public Schools and twelve years as a classroom teacher in other Oklahoma school districts.

Education: M.Ed. Northwestern Oklahoma State University, Alva, OK; B.S. Phillips University, Enid, OK

Leader for: I lead a network of eleven elementary schools: Carnegie, Chouteau, Eliot, Emerson, Grissom, Key, Marshall, Robertson, Skelly (Lower), Skelly (Upper), and Wright.

Favorite Teacher: My favorite teacher was James Walker, high school vocal music teacher. Mr. Walker brought the world of Broadway musicals to my small rural Oklahoma high school, and created a learning opportunity for me that I would have never experienced had it not been for this special teacher. I was the choir accompanist, and left high school with the skills and experiences needed to compete in the university world of music.

Hobbies: I love to read, play the piano, can my own jellies, jams, and a "secret" salsa recipe, and most recently I discovered that I love walking! I joined a walking "group" in September, 2016, and walked my first 5K race 10 weeks later. Crossing that first finish line sparked a new passion, and I see a half-marathon in my near future.

Favorite place in Tulsa: I love Tulsa's River Parks, and am very anxious for the opening of Tulsa's Gathering Place. Tulsa is such a beautiful little city, and these spaces make it a truly special place to live.

Contact Kayla

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Robert Schornick - Secondary Instructional Leadership Director

Joined Team Tulsa - July 2014
I wanted to surround myself with great people and leaders. I also wanted to expose myself to high-quality professional learning that stretches my mindset and that helps build my capacity in instructional, organizational, and transformational leadership.

Experience: 23 total years in education: 10 as a classroom teacher, 10 as a school leader, 3 as a district leader.

Education: Bachelor's degree in secondary education from Northeastern Oklahoma State University, master's degree in educational leadership from East Central University.

Leader for: Booker T. Washington High School, Carver Middle School, Central Junior High, Central High School, Hale Junior High, Memorial Junior High, Memorial High School, Monroe Demonstration Academy, Thoreau Demonstration Academy, Tulsa Learning Academy, Tulsa MET Junior High, Tulsa MET High School, and TRAICE.

Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Capps, my high school math teacher, was my favorite teacher. She went above and beyond to develop relationships with her students. She was a dedicated and passionate teacher who sacrificed many hours, whether before or after school, to guide and mentor me during my high school years.

Hobbies: Family time, fitness, bow hunting, grilling/cooking, watching high school athletics, garage selling, watching college football, eating, vacationing.

Favorite place in Tulsa: Coney I-Lander. Their chili is to die for! Whether it's on coneys, tamales, fritos, or is CONEY HEAVEN!

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Stacey Vinson - Secondary Instructional Leadership Director

Joined Team Tulsa - August 1992
I moved to Tulsa for college, and I fell in love with the city and all it has to offer. I decided to join Team Tulsa and began my career teaching Spanish at Memorial High School.

Experience: I have held many positions in my time at Tulsa Public Schools including teacher, assistant principal, principal and instructional leadership director.

Education: BA in Spanish and education, University of Tulsa; masters in educational administration, Northeastern State University

Leader for: Instructional leadership director for Daniel Webster Middle School, East Central Junior High, East Central High School, Edison Preparatory Junior High, Edison Preparatory High School, Hale High School, McLain 7th Grade Academy, McLain Junior High, McLain High School, Rogers College Junior High, Rogers College High School, and Webster High School.

Favorite Teacher: Mr. Craven, my sixth grade homeroom and math teacher. He not only went out to recess with us to play snow football, but he introduced me to computers and opened a whole new world of possibilities!

Hobbies: Traveling, scuba diving, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

Favorite place in Tulsa: The center of the universe, because who knew it was in Tulsa?

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