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Excellence and High Expectations with a Commitment To All
Excellence and High Expectations with a Commitment To All




Local Media Stories
School Media Title Related TPS Story Publication Date
Washington (BTW) Tulsa World Sand Springs school district dealing with racist remarks made by students after football game with Booker T. 11/24/2015
-- other -- Tulsa World TPS decides against moving 6th graders to Memorial Junior High next year 11/24/2015
Washington (BTW) Tulsa World Accused of Racism 11/24/2015
-- other -- NewsOK Oklahoma City district's announcement of revised code doesn't satisfy teachers 11/24/2015
-- other -- Tulsa World Tulsa World, Editorial: Four downtown projects deserve tax abatement 11/23/2015
-- all schools -- KRMG TPS releases draft of new 5-year education plan 11/23/2015
Washington (BTW) KFAQ Racist Tweets Lead to Apology to Booker T. Washington Principal 11/23/2015
Washington (BTW) Sand Springs Leader Using technology to set race relations back 50 years 11/23/2015
-- other -- KJRH - Ch 2 Sand Springs students reach out to say they do not condone tweet with racial slur 11/23/2015
Washington (BTW) KTUL - Ch 8 Tulsa Public Schools is investigating a racial message after playoff game 11/22/2015
Washington (BTW) KJRH - Ch 2 Booker T. Washington students hold rally in response to racially-charged tweets from CPHS fans 11/22/2015
-- other -- Tulsa World Christian Ministers Alliance seeks additional food donations for Thanksgiving meals 11/22/2015
East Central High FOX 23 Golden Apple Award winner inspires both on the field and in the classroom 15282 11/21/2015
-- all schools -- Tulsa World TPS releases draft of new strategic plan 15346 11/21/2015
Washington (BTW) FOX 23 Two Green Country high schools respond to racially charged messages 11/21/2015
-- all schools -- KOTV - Ch 6 Tulsa Public Schools Releases 5-Year Strategic Plan 15346 11/20/2015
-- all schools -- KTUL - Ch 8 Tulsa Public Schools announces a new strategic plan for students 15346 11/20/2015
East Central Junior High FOX 23 Tulsa parents complain of school bus overcrowding 11/20/2015
-- all schools -- KJRH - Ch 2 Tulsa Public Schools releases draft of five year plan to improve 15346 11/20/2015
-- other -- Tulsa World Tulsa World Editorial: AmeriCorps is a program worth preserving 11/20/2015
-- other -- Tulsa World High schools: 2016 BOK Center Hoops Showcase canceled 11/20/2015
Memorial High Tulsa World Bomb threat at Memorial High School leads to search of building 11/20/2015
-- other -- KTUL - Ch 8 Meals on Wheels partners with Tulsa Public Schools to combat hunger 11/20/2015
Washington (BTW) Tulsa World 6AII semifinals: No. 1 B.T. Washington vs. No. 3 Sand Springs 11/20/2015
Edison High NewsOK Winners announced in Oklahoma high school art contest 11/19/2015


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