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Screening of Hidden Figures at Circle Cinema, 10 S. Lewis Ave., Tulsa, OK

Published 3/1/2017




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Emma Garrett Nelson


Have you ever had an idea that could change lives of the world around you? Could you imagine 300 of those ideas happening all at once? I can. I am one of those 300. My name is Sydney Seaton, and I am a 7th scientist at Will Rogers College Junior High School. My science teacher, Ms. Kirk, has asked me to write the opening paragraph of this press release so I can give you a first hand, student perspective to this great opportunity being provided by the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation and Circle Cinema. A few weeks ago, the 7th grade held a Sectional Science Fair to decide who would go to the TPS District Science Fair. The best part was we, the students, got to select who gets to represent us. Each class voted on the best projects and a big part of judging was to make sure they could change the world. To celebrate this accomplishment, we are all going to see the movie, Hidden Figures, the very next day. This is extra cool because the movie also celebrates the things we learned about the civil rights movement during Black History Month in our other classes and school assemblies. If you think about it, how many 7th graders have had a chance to save many lives? I say, not too many. I am also super excited to see women in a movie that do that very thing after a month of trying to do that myself.

Rogers College Junior and Senior High School is pleased to announce an exciting opportunity for all it's junior high school students. Thanks to a generous invitation by Circle Cinema, the entire junior high will be attending a private screening of the Academy Award nominated film, Hidden Figures on Wednesday, March 1 and Thursday, March 2. The two-day junior high field trip will occur after four weeks of Black History Month themed activities at Rogers and takes place the day after the TPS district-wide Science Fair. The trip is free to all students due to a very generous donation from the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation which is also funding all 13 school buses necessary to take such a large group.
The trip is an opportunity to celebrate Roger's rich and diverse family populations by exposing students to minority and female role models who excel in science and math. Throughout the month of February, Rogers science classes have been completing students-led math research and science projects. The projects incorporate the same math and science problem solving skills used by NASA in the film. In math classes, students are exploring the trajectory pathways of the astronauts by completing circle and circumference projects. Students also engaged in lively discussions and writing assignments in their Language Arts classes tackling themes and topics while they read "A Raisin in the Sun", dealing with the Civil Rights and Feminist movements of the 1960s. Humanities classes similarly watched trailers for Hidden Figures within the context of a conversation about one of the female character's dream to become a doctor during that point in American history.
These units and projects demonstrate the Rogers commitment to equity access for all it's students and are a celebration of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation's deep commitment to Oklahoma public education. The movie Hidden Figures directly parallels the current civil right and science fair unit themes which encourage students to develop challenging questions and testable hypotheses. The film has captured the attention and imagination of Rogers students by pushing them to find a solution to problems that may change the world around them.





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