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Community Advisory Council invites feedback on historical research documents

Published 1/31/2018




Tulsa Public Schools


Emma Garrett Nelson


Around our nation, communities have been grappling with how we reflect our history and values through the naming of buildings, sites, and monuments. At Tulsa Public Schools, we made the decision to take a thoughtful and thorough approach to this local and national conversation by bringing together our Community Advisory Council to take a deep dive into understanding when, why, and for whom our buildings and sites are named. The Community Advisory Council is designed to be representative of our district and includes community members, faith leaders, educators, partner organizations, and local business leaders. The district has asked the Community Advisory Council to:

  • Learn about the individuals for whom our schools are named by reviewing biographical information and considering his or her contributions to our city, our state, and our country;
  • Build greater understanding of the social, historical, and cultural context in which schools were named; and
  • Engage in facilitated discussion and work sessions to explore and unpack lessons learned.

The Community Advisory Council will ultimately present a report of their findings to the Tulsa Board of Education, but first, the group is asking Tulsans to review a working draft of the historical record section of the report and share feedback through a web-based form. This feedback will help the team working on the report to identify any key information that may need to be corrected or added so that they can create the most accurate and thorough record possible.

Because this is a historical research document, we are asking Tulsans to include citations or sources for any suggested additions or revisions. This working draft will be available for feedback until Tuesday, Feb. 6 at 9 a.m.





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