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Excellence and High Expectations with a Commitment To All
Excellence and High Expectations with a Commitment To All



Early Release Survey


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Hi, Parents and Teachers – We are interested in your opinion. TPS is considering setting aside one day each month as an “early release” day for students. To provide teachers and administrators time for collaboration and Professional Learning Communities, we would pick one day a month when students would be in school for only half a day. We know that “early release” is a more cost-effective option for the district, so we are not considering a later start time (as other districts have done).

School start times would remain the same as they are currently. At this time, we have not made a decision on which day of the month when “early release” would take place. However, we are committed to having early relase take place on the same day and time district-wide at every school site. Please take this brief survey and let us know what you think so we can tell if we are in alignment with parent and teacher preferences.

The classroom teacher is the most influential part of the educational experience, so it is critical that teachers study and share the methods and techniques that are most effective.  Since the traditional school day requires teachers to supervise students continually, ending school early one day each month will allow them to capture valuable time to work together. We are convinced it can go a long way toward having a dramatic impact on improving student achievement in the classroom.


Millard House
Deputy Superintendent, Tulsa Public Schools


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