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Excellence and High Expectations with a Commitment To All
Excellence and High Expectations with a Commitment To All


Memorial High School
Tulsa Engineering Academy at Memorial

Tulsa Engineering Academy at Memorial (TEAM) is a college-preparatory program for students who are interested in pursuing careers in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM).

Nearly every device or process we use comes from advances in STEM. From wireless communication to automobile design to space flight, science and mathematics are at the core of virtually every technological development. Memorial’s magnet program provides an intensive, experiential curriculum to help students make the connection between the classroom and a career.

Students who exhibit success in science and mathematics are perfect candidates for TEAM. Dedicated sponsors and instructors with practical experience in aerospace technology, robotics and computer-aided design aligned TEAM’s rigorous curriculum with university engineering programs.

There will always be a need for sharp minds in the wide-open, ever-advancing world of science and technology. TEAM graduates are well-prepared for higher education, internships and an array of careers.


Memorial High School

TEAM: Challenging & Rewarding

TEAM curriculum provides numerous opportunities to earn additional credits in math and science. These courses prepare students for success in engineering degree programs at the university level. Students who qualify for TEAM are encouraged to choose from among the following courses:

9th Grade:
Intro to Engineering & Engineering Design; Pre-AP Algebra II* & Pre-AP Biology
*Students may complete Algebra I in 9th grade and then be admitted to TEAM.

10th Grade:
Pre-AP Chemistry or Pre-AP Physics; Pre-AP Geometry & Pre-Calculus

11th Grade:
AP Calculus AB & Choose 1 or more: Physics, AP Physics B, AP Chemistry; AP Biology, AP Environmental Science; AP Statistics, AP Computer Science; Anatomy & Physiology, Zoology/Botany

12th Grade:
AP Calculus BC; Choose 1 or more: AP Physics B, AP Physics C, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Environmental Science, AP Statistics, AP Computer Science, Anatomy & Physiology, Zoology/Botany

TEAM students also choose one free elective for extracurricular interests, as well as one Engineering Academy elective for 10th–12th grades. Such electives include Engineering Robotics 1-3, Computer-Aided Drafting, Technical Writing, Science Fiction and more.

TEAM requires at least two years of foreign language in addition to all other TPS graduation requirements.

These hands-on classes help to prepare TEAM students for regional, state, and national engineering competitions.


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Memorial High School
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Enrollment: 1297

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