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Excellence and High Expectations with a Commitment To All
Excellence and High Expectations with a Commitment To All


School Safety


To report an emergency situation in which you think someone may be in immediate danger, please call 911.



Report incident hereREPORT AN INCIDENT HERE.

TIPS (Threat Assessment, Incident Management and Prevention Services) is a reporting system for students and parents to make appropriate TPS officials aware of potential threats to the safety of our students and staff. Such threats could include:

  • weapons possession
  • drug/alcohol use
  • bullying, harassment or intimidation
  • school vandalism
  • physical assault
  • threats of violence
  • suicide risk
  • abuse or neglect
  • other incidents

Report a Student/School Safety Concern

Call 918-746-6868 to report a student or school safety concern.


Being prepared for emergencies is not only a state requirement, it is also taken very seriously by everyone at Tulsa Public Schools.

The district’s Safe Schools Plan, as required by Oklahoma Title 70 § 24-100 and 24-100.5, requires every school to have a Safe School Committee and a Healthy and Fit Committee. These committees may be combined into one Safe and Healthy School Committee made up of teachers, parents, students, administrators, health care professionals, members of the business community, law enforcement, senior citizens, clergy and nonprofit health organizations.

Each school’s emergency management plan is reviewed and revised annually and after each emergency. TPS Board Policy 7307 requires our schools to have emergency plans for fires, bomb threats, suicide intervention, tornadic/severe weather, intruder-on-campus/lockdown, student endangerment, child abuse, accident/serious illness, student runaway/abduction and atmospheric chemical release.

Below are answers to some of the basic questions parents frequently ask during and after a crisis.

How does TPS respond in the case of an emergency?

When the district determines an emergency has occurred, three possible plans of action occur:

1. Go Home Plan: Returns students to their homes as quickly and safely as possible. Each school maintains information for emergency contacts for each child.

It is very important that parents and legal guardians advise the school office staff every time emergency contact information changes.

2. Shelter-in-Place Plan: Keeps students in their buildings when it is safer to stay inside than to go outside. Typically, inside sheltering is considered a short-term solution. Specific areas of each building are identified as safety zones.

Part of the shelter plan may be a partial or complete lock down of the school. In this instance, all students remain in their current classroom until otherwise notified. Students in school buildings who are not in classrooms will be escorted by staff to a supervised area and remain there until otherwise notified. No one will be allowed to enter or leave the school for any reason.

3. Evacuation Plan: Requires that all building occupants exit the building and go to a previously-identified, safe alternate location. Evacuation may mean only going outside and away from the building until an all-clear signal is given. In some circumstances, students and staff may need to be transported and housed temporarily in another location.


If a school is evacuated, how will I know where to pick up my child?

In the event students must be moved to an alternate location, the school will use a number of communications tools (see below) to attempt to advise all parents of the alternate location. BE SURE THE SCHOOL HAS CURRENT EMERGENCY CONTACT INFO FOR YOU CHILD.

Each school has several alternative locations, depending upon the severity of the emergency and the number of school buildings involved.

Police, fire, and county and state authorities know of the alternate locations for each school. For security reasons TPS does not disclose the alternate locations until an actual emergency occurs.


Should I pick up my child at school during an emergency?

NO—While every guardian’s natural instinct in an emergency is to go to the school to safeguard your child, doing so may interfere with the school’s ability to effectively and efficiently respond to the situation. We strongly encourage parents to NOT come to the school during an emergency unless and until directed by the district to do so. In most cases, school district administration and district and local emergency responders are the only individuals allowed to enter or leave the school campus or building during emergencies.


Where do I get accurate information during an emergency?

TPS will use every communications method available to keep parents up-to-date on the status during an emergency. These include:

  • The district smartphone app SchoolWay
  • TPS web site: (updates are posted on the home page)
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • SchoolConnects (a recorded phone message will be sent to each household when time allows)
  • local news media (be sure to listen carefully for OFFICIAL announcements from TPS)


What can I do to be best prepared for emergencies?

Parents can do several things to help keep your kids safe during an emergency.

  1. Make sure your child's school has the most accurate emergency contact information on file.
  2. Discuss with your child the importance of following directions or school staff during an emergency.
  3. DO NOT call or come to the school to pick up your child until notification is given that such pickups are encouraged.
  4. Monitor the district communications methods mentioned above.

Make sure you and your family have a personal disaster plan. For additional information on talking to your kids about a disaster, go to:



Transportation Safety Resources

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Safety Educational Materials from Robotronics


More details are available in the Parent Guide and Emergency Procedures and Safe Schools Plan.

See also these related board policies/regulations:





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