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Excellence and High Expectations with a Commitment To All
Excellence and High Expectations with a Commitment To All



In 2010-2011, the district’s Board of Education spent several months developing its 5-year strategic plan and core goals.  There were several ideas and priorities that the board considered.  There was no question, however, that student achievement was of primary importance and would be the district’s fundamental core goal.  

Student achievement is the ultimate basis for every initiative and project the board undertakes.  It underlies the district’s intent to make every student college and career ready.

There are many ingredients to improving student achievement, but the most important driver is the effective teacher and effective leader.  As such, the district must consistently define, measure and support effective teaching and leadership—in every school and every classroom. 

In 2010, the district piloted and then implemented across the district the evaluation system that is described in the video below.  This video encapsulates the district’s entire experience with the evaluation system (now called the “Tulsa Model for Teacher Observation and Evaluation").  The video explains why the district needed a better evaluation system, what that system had to accomplish, how the system was developed and the impact it is making at TPS.

Research Brief for Tulsa Teacher Evaluation Model

Tulsa Model Overview

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