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Our habits of success describe the behaviors that help us thrive.

Habits of Success


Successful people work hard—often doing more than is expected. They take responsibility for their effort, results and behavior. Successful people do their best and persevere when things get difficult. They have self-control and determination.


The world is full of fascinating people, places, experiences and phenomena. Successful people are full of curiosity, wonder and awe about everything around them. They know that it is okay not to know something and eagerly inquire to find out more. Successful people ask questions, consider possibilities, imagine new realities, innovate and create solutions.


There are solutions all around us to the simple and complex challenges in the world.
Successful people notice and identify problems and design possible ways to resolve them.
They collaborate with others to make things better. Successful people also solve problems with others by accepting differences with grace and dealing peacefully with anger and disagreements.


Successful people have a purpose—for a moment, a task, a day or their lifetime. While purpose can change, intentionality about what you are undertaking is critical. Successful people set goals for their personal and academic or professional lives and write them down.
They have clear yet flexible direction for what they are accomplishing and stay focused on that purpose.


Mistakes are wonderful opportunities to learn. Successful people know that when you take responsible risks to learn, grow and achieve, you will experience failure. They know that setbacks are important parts of life and use them as lessons and motivation. Successful people reflect on their experiences and, as result, understand more about themselves
and about how they can do even better in the future.


Being a kind, courteous person is a sign of strength. Successful people treat others—from family and friends to strangers on the street—with care, grace and respect. They have empathy—putting themselves in the shoes of others to understand their circumstances. Successful people listen carefully to others and lose and win courteously. They follow the Golden Rule of treating others as they would want to be treated.


Because successful people are learners, they embrace criticism. They are hungry for feedback and eagerly use it to improve. Successful people have a positive attitude toward criticism and receive it with a focus toward doing better in the future. They seek input from others, reflect on its meaning and move forward with renewed readiness to achieve.


Everyone can give to others regardless of his or her own circumstances. Successful people
live with gratitude for what they have and contribute what they can of their time and resources to make the world a better place. They have an open mind and compassion for others and do whatever they can to contribute positively to the community and to the world.


Even in the most difficult of circumstances, successful people can find joy. They seek fun in the large and small moments of life. Successful people see the humor around them and are able to laugh easily—especially at themselves. While they are serious when necessary, successful people are having a blast with life.


Successful people take care of themselves. They eat right, exercise and get the right amount of sleep for their productivity. Successful people manage their emotions and handle stress appropriately. They live in a balanced way ensuring time for family, friends and fun.



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