HelmZar Challenge Course
HelmZar Challenge Course

The Helmzar Challenge / Ropes Course is an experiential adventure program offering groups and individuals an opportunity to participate in a series of activities involving mental, physical, and emotional risk in a safe environment. The Course consists of a specifically designed series of ropes, cables, steel, and types of logs that combine in such a way to simulate challenges that might be encountered a natural setting. All initiatives and elements are guided by a trained facilitator. The situations guide the group through various obstacles in order to share common reactions, insights, and emotions such as joy, fear, fatigue, compassion, and laughter.

In the 1960’s Challenge Courses began with the Outward Bound movement, and then in 1971 Karl Rhonke moved Challenge Courses within the school setting. It has expanded from there to give specific attention to at-risk youth, special needs students, leadership programs, churches, corporate groups, and many others. It has led with such success that schools all over the country have joined this trend and it has now grown to all over the world and is successful in: team building, communication, problem-solving, trust, listening, sharing, caring, and self-worth plus much more.

What we have:

Our course offers both an indoor and an outdoor facility so we have year around capability. We have 7 high courses with approximately 87 high elements and one indoor climbing wall. Some of the courses will be wheel chair accessible so that the courses are universal (available to all no matter the ability). We have courses designated for elementary just as we have courses designated and designed specifically for our leadership development programs and corporate programming. We also offer several lows and initiatives that will start the morning off before you climb the high elements.


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HelmZar Challenge Course provides experiential learning by assisting students and organizations in becoming more effective as a team. Our goal is to equip participants with skills and tools in an experiential (hands on) manner.



NOTE: Due to continued revenue shortfall at the state level the HelmZar Challenge Course will be closing on June 30, 2017.


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