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General Information


Apply for Pre-K, Kindergarten, Neighborhood, Charter, or Magnet Schools. Dec. 9, 2019 - Jan. 31, 2020
Submit required documents for all schools. Dec. 9, 2019 - Jan. 31, 2020
Application deadline appeals must be submitted. February 7, 2020
Document deadline appeals must be submitted. February 14, 2020
Criteria Magnet qualified appeals must be submitted. February 21, 2020
Notification of matches and waitlist. Mid-March, 2020




Required Documents

You must provide the following items to enroll.
If you have special circumstances, please call the Enrollment Center for assistance.

Photo Identification

Parent/guardian must show a valid government issued photo Identification.

Only the parent or legal guardian (must be court or affidavit approved) who lives in the district may enroll a student.

If you think guardianship or residency documentation exceptions apply to your current situation, call 918-746-7500.

Proof of Address

Any of the following are acceptable for proof of address.

All items must be in the parents’ or legal guardians’ name.

  • A full-page original and current (dated within the past 45 days) electric, gas, or water bill showing the service address.
  • A current, original lease agreement/house contract showing property address, tenant names, agent’s name, address, and phone number.

We cannot accept cut-off or late notices from a provider.

The following are NOT acceptable for proof of address.

  • Driver license
  • DHS/IRS letters
  • Bank statements
  • Checks
  • Mail or insurance statements
  • Cellular phone bills (unless bundled with TV or internet)
  • Written statements from a homeowner

Birth Certificate

The child's birth certificate is required to enroll. We cannot accept hospital certificates.

Age requirements
Grade level Age on or before September 1
Pre-K 4 years old
Kindergarten 5 years old
1st grade 6 years old

See how to obtain a birth certificate

Immunization and Vision

  • All immunizations series must be either complete or in progress.
  • The district provides immunizations for students who qualify for the state Vaccine for Children’s program.
  • Results of any vision screening completed during the past 12 months are requested for kindergarten, 1st, and 3rd grades.
  • The district provides vision and hearing screenings.

Contact the school clinic for details.

Vaccines Required to Attend School in Oklahoma: 2019-20 School Year
(Vacunas Requeridas para Asistir a La Escuela en Oklahoma Año Escolar 2018-19)







DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis)

4 DTap

5 DTap

5DaTP* & 1 DTap booster

*If the 4th does of DTap is administered on or after the child’s 4th birthday, then the 5th dose DTap is not required

IPV/OPV (inactivated polio/oral polio)




*If the 3rd dose of IPV/OPV is administered on or after the child’s 4th birthday, then the 4th dose of IPV/OPV is not required.

MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)





HepB (hepatitis B)

3 HepB

3 HepB*

3 HepB*

*Students 11 through 15 years of age who have not previously received any HEP B vaccine may receive a 2 dose series of Merck®Adult Hepatitis B vaccine to satisfy this requirement.  All other children (younger or older) must receive 3 doses of pediatric Hepatitis B vaccine.

HepA (hepatitis A)

2 HepA




Varicella (chickenpox)

1 varicella

1 varicella

1 varicella

2nd dose is recommended at kindergarten entry

Questionnaire- Immunization Contraindications

REQUESTED but not required


Questions About General Enrollment

Why is my student enrolled in a different school this year?
If the student moved during the last school, we enroll them in the new neighborhood school based on your address.
  • If you have any questions about residency or school of enrollment, call or visit the Enrollment Center.
  • If you believe the school of enrollment is incorrect, submit your proof of residency to the Enrollment Center so we can update the enrollment.
What if I am homeless?
Contact the homeless coordinator at 918‑746‑6477, or visit the Enrollment Center.
What if my student has a 504 plan, child study plan or Individualized Education Plan (IEP)?
We enroll all students in their neighborhood school. School staff can answer any specific questions pertaining to students with educational plans or inquiries about special programs.

You can contact the exceptional student support office at 918-746-6390.

Questions about tests and grade level placement
What if I move after submitting my enrollment?
If you move, you will need to provide a new proof of address to the enrollment center in person or by emailing If you email it, include your student's name and date of birth on the proof of address.


Questions About Online Enrollment

Who can enroll a student?

You will need a valid email account to create an account. We will also use this email to send notifications to you.
What if I forgot my password or get locked out?
The system provides a password reset that will email you a link to reset your password.
If your account is locked, we can change the email/password for your account but you will still be locked out for a full hour.
Do I have to upload the documents myself?
No, you can complete the enrollment from home and then bring the required documents to the Enrollment Center and we will upload the documents for you.
I have not received any notifications. What if I typed the wrong email address?
Try logging into your account. If you are successful the email address is correct. You should check your email account to see if the messages are going to spam or junk.
If you are unable to log in, your email address is most likely incorrect. Call the Enrollment Center at 918-746-7500 for assistance.
Is there anything I need to do after my enrollment has been approved?
No. The approval email will indicate the approved school and start date for your child. You can call the school to see if they are having any events before school starts that you would like to attend.
My enrollment was denied. What do I need to do?
If your enrollment was denied due to lack of required documents, you need to:
  1. upload the missing documents to the online enrollment and
  2. call 918-746-7500 to have your enrollment reactivated.
If your child attended TPS in the past, we will email further instructions.

Enrollment Center

2819 S. New Haven Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74114 
Entrance: North doors

Days: Mon. - Fri.
8 a.m. - 4 p.m. 
(Arrive by 3 p.m. for NEW enrollment.)


Attendance Policies



Magnet Schools

We're glad you are interested in our magnet schools and programs. To be considered for acceptance into a magnet school or program, each student must submit a complete application including all required documents. (See details in Regulation 2206-R2)

Leer en español

How do I apply for a criteria-based magnet school?

Criteria-based magnet schools include:

  • Carver Middle School
  • Edison Middle School
  • Rogers College Junior High (8th grade)
  • Booker T. Washington High School
  • Rogers College High School (9th - 12th grades)
  • Edison Preparatory High School
  • Tulsa Engineering Academy at Memorial High School

How are students admitted to a criteria-based magnet school?

Criteria-based magnet schools have minimum eligibility standards and admit qualified applicants based upon their performance on a list of selection criteria, and in some cases, the quadrant of the city in which they live. Criteria information can be reviewed here.

What assessments are used for criteria-based magnet school admissions?

We assess students in grades K-10 on two different math and reading tests, OSTP and NWEA-MAP, respectively. We use the most recent NWEA-MAP scores from the fall or early winter of 2019 and the most recent (Spring 2019) Oklahoma state test scores. The committees will use the higher of the scores in reading and math for criteria-based magnet applications.

The Assessment Office will provide NWEA-MAP testing at the Enrollment Center on Dec.  16, 2019, for any student who does not have a recent standardized academic measure. Please call the Assessment Office at 918-746-6473 for more information.

My student has been enrolled and attending a Tulsa Public School since August 2018. Do I need to provide documentation other than my ID and proof of residency for a criteria-based school?

We will provide all other documentation from our student information system to the screening committee. Your current school will provide a teacher recommendation form. If you have any additional information such as attendance or suspension information, it will need to be submitted with your application.

My student attended a school other than a TPS school some or all of the time since 2018. What documentation do I need to provide besides my ID and proof of residency?

Please review the Neighborhood, Charter and Magnet Application Information/Instructions for a checklist of items required for the screening committee. The Enrollment Center must receive these documents by 4 p.m. Jan. 31, 2020.

What if my child is not selected in the initial criteria-based selection process?

For criteria-based schools, if your child meets the relevant qualification requirements, their name will be placed on a quadrant waitlist ranked by their total score. 

Edison High and Middle Schools do not select students by quadrant and have a single waitlist for each school.

Criteria-based schools require the teacher recommendation form. If your student is currently enrolled at Tulsa Public Schools your school will submit the recommendation form for you. Students who are not currently enrolled with Tulsa Public Schools can have their school submit via email the recommendation to the Enrollment Center or the parent can hand-deliver the teacher recommendation form to the Enrollment Center. Any hand-delivered forms must be submitted in a signed sealed school envelope, envelopes that have been opened will not be accepted.

My child has never been enrolled in or attended Tulsa Public Schools. Do I need to enroll my child before I can submit an application for a magnet transfer?

No. If your child is selected to attend a magnet school, we will contact you to complete the enrollment form.

Can students who live outside the Tulsa Public Schools boundary apply for a magnet transfer?

The principal discretion process is the only avenue for a qualified applicant to be selected for a magnet school. Out-of-district applicants are admitted only through the "5% principal discretion." Additionally applicants who live in-district and applicants who are the dependents of Tulsa Public Schools employees who live out of district will be offered seats before other out-of-district applicants.

I work for TPS but live out of district. My student would like to apply to one of the magnet programs offered by TPS. Do the same out-of-district limitations apply?

Qualified in-district and out-of-district applicants who are dependents of a Tulsa Public Schools employee will have preference in the principal discretion process over other qualified out-of-district applicants.

Do the out-of-district limitations prohibit us from being admitted through progressive (preferential) enrollment (i.e. Mayo to Thoreau)?


We lived in the district when we made application to the magnet schools, but at the time of the admission process, we had moved out of the district. Will my child's application still be considered?

The application will be subject to the out-of-district limitations.

If I attend Rogers Junior High or Edison Middle School magnet programs, do I still need to apply to the high school-level magnet school?

Yes. Students wishing to attend these high schools must meet all qualification requirements and submit an application to the high school by the deadline.


Please contact the transfer office at
or visit the Enrollment Center.

You can call Jill Blackwelder at 918-746-6138.

How do I apply

Step 1: Determine your desired school(s)

You may apply to multiple schools (magnet or neighborhood) and rank your preferences.

The following schools are magnets schools or have magnet programs.

Step 2: Gather required documents

The Enrollment Center must receive all required documents by Jan 31, 2020.

Required Documents

BTW | Carver | Edison | TEAM @ Memorial

You must scan and upload the following while applying online or bring to the Enrollment Center for scanning.

  • Proof of address
  • Parent/guardian photo ID

Current TPS student? The Enrollment Center staff will collect the following documents from our student information system and from your current and last year's school.

Not a current TPS student? Inform your current school you need the following forms/information. A parent/guardian must deliver them to the Enrollment Center.
NOTE: There are multiple ways to deliver the teacher recommendation form. Detailed instructions are in the form.

  • Teacher Recommendation
  • Attendance  - 1st semester of current year and both semesters of last year
  • Grades - 1st semester of current year and both semesters of last year
  • Test scores - most current national normed test or last year's OSTP
  • Discipline record - 1st semester of current year and 2nd semester of last year

The following is for your information only.

Dual Language | Eisenhower | Mayo | Zarrow

You must scan and upload the following while applying online or bring to the Enrollment Center for scanning.

  • Proof of address
  • Parent/guardian photo ID
  • Birth Certificate if not currently enrolled in TPS
  • Proof of School Tour - Contact the school to schedule a required tour. The school will provide a signed proof of tour.

The following is for your information only.


You must scan and upload the following while applying online or bring to the Enrollment Center for scanning.

  • Proof of address
  • Parent/guardian photo ID

The following is for your information only.

Rogers College Jr High & High

You must scan and upload the following while applying online or bring to the Enrollment Center for scanning.

  • Proof of address
  • Parent/guardian photo ID

Current TPS student? The Enrollment Center staff will collect the following documents from our student information system and from your current and last year's school.

Not a current TPS student? Inform your current school you need the following forms/information. A parent/guardian must deliver them to the Enrollment Center.
NOTE: There are multiple ways to deliver the teacher recommendation form. Detailed instructions are in the form.

  • Teacher Recommendation - grades 8, 10, 11, 12
  • Meet college readiness standards on a state assessment or nationally normed test

The following is for your information only.

Step 3: Apply online

Apply for a Transfer

We encourage families to apply from home or a location you can complete the application process. The application takes about 20-30 minutes to complete.

Scan or photograph required documents and upload them to the online application form.

If you need assistance applying, you may visit the Enrollment Center. Some schools’ staff may be available to help you apply online. Contact your neighborhood school to confirm.

Step 4: View & reply to notifications

All notifications will be sent to the email you used to login to our online enroll/transfer system. It's the same email as your username.

Watch for email notifications concerning acceptance of your application.



Charter Schools

What is a charter school?

Charter schools are tuition-free public schools and enrollment is open to all students. They are independently operated schools that run with more flexibility than traditional public schools in exchange for increased accountability.

Like all public schools, charter schools are:

  • Tuition-free and part of the free public school system
  • Held to state and federal academic standards
  • Open to all students, including those with disabilities
  • Funded primarily through a combination of federal, state, and local tax dollars
  • Not affiliated with or restricted to a particular religious group

Can anyone attend a charter school? Are there admission requirements?

Yes, anyone can attend a charter school! There are no admissions requirements. Charter schools are tuition-free, public schools open to all students, including English Language Learners and students with special education needs.

What happens if there are not enough available spaces to admit all students that apply to a charter school?

When parental demand exceeds enrollment capacity at a charter school, students are admitted based upon on a lottery. 

If students apply after the date of the lottery, they will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis, as spaces become available.

Are charter schools public schools?

Yes. Charter schools are tuition-free, public schools open to all students. 

Tulsa Public Schools, as the authorizer of charter schools in our portfolio, makes sure the schools are living up to the commitments in its charter and is in compliance with relevant federal, state, and local requirements. Charter schools are primarily funded through public federal, state, and local dollars, along with supplemental funding through charitable donations from foundations and individuals.

How are charter schools funded?

Charter schools are public schools that are primarily funded by local and state dollars, along with some funding from the federal government.

Local and state per-pupil funding covers the vast majority of charter school’s operational costs. To fund enhancements to their programs charter schools raise additional funding from local donors and foundations.

Do charter schools provide transportation to and from school?

Yes. Transportation is provided according to standard TPS operating procedures.

Do charter schools charge tuition?

No. All charter schools are tuition free.

Are charter schools non-profit?

Yes. All charter schools in the TPS portfolio are completely non-profit schools.

What makes charter schools different from other schools?

Each charter school is unique. Some may focus on college prep, some may focus on STEM, and others integrate the arts into each subject. Some charter schools require uniforms and some have longer school days. The possibilities are endless, and charter schools aim to provide a range of options so that parents can choose the school that best fits their child.

Click here to find out more about charter schools.




How do I enroll my child for PreK?

What early childhood programs are included in the application process?

Free early childhood seats are available at elementary, partner schools and some charter schools. Neighborhood students who apply to their neighborhood school during the application window will have a priority to attend that school.

Is my student guaranteed a seat at our neighborhood school?

No, all Pre-K seats are limited by location. About 75% of seats are reserved for neighborhood students. It is important to enroll anytime between December 9 and January 31 to receive the best chances of attending your neighborhood school. Tulsa Public Schools will work with each parent to assist them in finding the best choice for your Pre-K student. Our pre-K partner schools are also available for enrollment, find out more here.

Can my Pre-K student remain at an out-of-neighborhood school for the 2021-2022 school year without applying for a transfer?

Yes, a transfer will not be needed for the 2021-2022 school year if you do not want to enroll at your neighborhood school.

If my child is currently on the waitlist for an early childhood program, will he or she continue to be on the waitlist next year?

No. Waitlists for all participating programs will reset each school year.

How old does my child have to be in order to submit an application?

Students must be four years old on or by September 1 to be eligible to apply for a pre-K program.

I want to apply for my child to attend one of the elementary magnets, but I can’t take a tour due to transportation, personal reasons, or work-related issues. What should I do?

Taking a tour of the elementary school to which you want to apply is part of the process. We understand, however, that parents may have difficulty with transportation or taking time off of work to complete this part of the process. Please contact Jill Blackwelder at 918-746-6138 or if it is not possible for you to complete the tour.

How does the elementary sibling preference work for elementary magnets?

The selection process for our elementary magnets is designed for students from all areas of Tulsa to have equal access to these programs. The process also provides for a sibling preference to encourage family engagement with the school community. While the policy does provide preference for these siblings over non-siblings, it is not a guarantee* of admission to the school. (*Practically speaking, this means that siblings are not placed in the lottery with non-sibling students. Siblings of students accepted prior to the 2017-2018 school year will have a guaranteed seat.)

  • For applicants whose families will be new to the school in 2018-2019 (and those who were new in the 2017-2018 school year): younger siblings will continue to have preference over non-siblings in the future, but admission is not guaranteed and will be dependent on there being enough seats within the applicable quadrant at the time of the younger sibling's application. Siblings will be given preference over non-siblings in their quadrant and will be selected separately from and admitted prior to non-siblings in their quadrant. Also, siblings will have preference over non-siblings on any wait list.
  • Out-of-district, younger sibling applicants: note that the out-of-district admission limitations of regulation 2206-R2 apply to out-of-district applicants even if the applicant has an older sibling attending the school.

You can find more information about sibling preference in district regulation 2206-R2.

pre-K programs


Additional free pre-K programs in Tulsa

These free pre-K programs in the Tulsa community are not provided by Tulsa Public Schools:
  • CAP Tulsa 
    • CAP Tulsa provides effective early childhood education that aims to prepare children for future school success. CAP Tulsa offers school-based programs at several schools throughout Tulsa Public Schools as well as a Learning@Home program.
    • Visit to learn how to apply, or call 918-382-3247
  • Cornerstone Child Development Centers
    • 11328 E. 29th St.
      For more information, call 918-665-0957 
  • Crosstown Learning Center
    • 2501 E. Archer St.
      For more information, call 918-582-1457
  • Educare
    • Kendall-Whittier, 918-779-6233
    • Hawthorne, 918-508-2250
    • MacArthur, 539-832-8200


918-746-7522 or 918-746-7501

General enrollment or online form assistance:

Pre-K email support:


Athletic Eligibility

How does athletic eligibility work?

Most high school and middle schools participating in the application process offer athletic programs to eligible enrolled students. If your child is interested in playing competitive sports, or if they are a current athlete, there are some important things to know about transferring or applying:

  1. Students who participate in OSSA sanctioned athletic programs and who transfer to another school, either through an application or through another enrollment procedure, may lose their ability to play sports for up to a full calendar year. Please consider this when electing to transfer your student athlete.
  2. Schools may offer non-OSSAA athletics for attending students. Contact your preferred schools to find out more about the special clubs and programs they offer.

If I enroll at my lower-ranked school and participate in summer practices and camps with a team will I be eligible to play sports at a higher-ranked school if a seat becomes available?

Yes, if you did not participate in any scrimmages or games at the lower-ranked school.

What if I did participate in a scrimmage or game?

You would be eligible only for sub-varsity participation for 365 days.

If I change schools after having practiced with one school, do I have to re-enter everything into Rank One or will my information transfer?

No, your paperwork will transfer when Rank One updates with PowerSchool.

If I decide to apply to a different high school after completing a year at one, am I eligible to play sports at the new school?

If you did not participate in any competition then you did not establish eligibility, therefore you ARE eligible to play at the new school.

If you did participate then you are ineligible for varsity competition 365 days after you begin attending the new school. You would only be eligible for sub varsity competition.

If I apply for a transfer to (and attend) a school that is not my neighborhood school and decide to attend my neighborhood school the following year, am I eligible to participate?

If you did not participate in any competitions then you did not establish eligibility, therefor you ARE eligible to play at the new school.

If you did participate then you are ineligible for varsity competition 365 days after you begin attending the new school.

Also note that you must be eligible to return to the school you are leaving.

Any suspension that has not been served at the former school must be completed prior to eligibility being granted at the new school. If you are not in attendance on the first day of school you may not participate in any competitions for 15 calendar days.

Contact the Tulsa Public Schools Athletic Office for questions or clarification. 918 746 6468




If a student does not live in, but wants to attend a TPS school with Tulsa Public Schools.

Transfers from other districts
request period details application
Requests between Jan. 1 and May 31
for the following school year
(open transfers)
  • Guardians must submit requests to Tulsa Public Schools
  • We can approve or deny an open transfer
  • The sending school district cannot deny this type of transfer
  • This type of transfer is valid for one year and must be renewed each year
Open out-of-district transfer
Requesting transfer for current school year
(emergency transfers)
  • Guardians must submit requests to Tulsa Public Schools.
  • The sending school district can deny approval of an emergency transfer.
  • Emergency transfers are only valid during the applied for school year.
  • This type of transfer may be approved only if specific conditions are met. (see below)
Emergency out-of-district transfer

Specific conditions for emergency transfers
(according to the Oklahoma State Department of Education)

  • Destruction or partial destruction of a school building;
  • Inability to offer the subject a pupil desires to pursue if the pupil becomes a legal resident of a school district after February 1 of the school year immediately prior to the school year for which the pupil is seeking the transfer;
  • Catastrophic medical problem of a student which for purposes of this section shall mean an acute or chronic serious illness, disease, disorder or injury which has a permanently detrimental effect on the body’s system or renders the risk unusually hazardous;
  • Total failure of transportation facilities; (school-provided transportation/bus service)
  • Concurrence of both the sending and receiving districts. The State Department of Education requires the sending district superintendent to sign the application.
  • Unavailability of a specialized deaf education program for a student who is deaf or hearing impaired;
  • Unavailability of remote or on-site internet-based instruction (by course title) for a student identified as in need of drop-out recover or alternative education services, provided such student was enrolled at any time in a public school in this state during the previous three years in the district of residence 70 O.S. § 8-104.
  • When a student has been the victim of harassment, intimidation and bullying as defined in Title 70 O.S. § 24-100.3, upon verification by the receiving district that the student has been the victim of harassment, intimidation or bullying, and that the sending district was notified of the incident(s) prior to the filing of the application for transfer.


Please contact the transfer office at
or visit the Enrollment Center.

You can call Jill Blackwelder at 918-746-6138.

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