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Excellence and High Expectations with a Commitment To All
Excellence and High Expectations with a Commitment To All



In Family Applications, our job is to ensure that every family who qualifies is eligible to receive free or reduced cost meals, which include breakfast and lunch. Qualifications are based on income and household size. Please complete a Family Meal Application for your students and return it to your students’ school. Everyone can apply! There is not a limit on how many free or reduced meals we serve.

Because this is a federally funded lunch program, every year we will randomly select three percent of all applications completed for verification of income. You will be notified by phone or U.S. mail to return verification documentation in self-addressed stamped envelopes to child nutrition services. Samples of acceptable documents will be enclosed with the verification notice.

Child Nutrition
8934 E. Latimer St.
Tulsa, Ok 74115
Phone: 918-833-8673


There are many reasons why a free and reduced application should be completed:

  • Research has clearly documented the importance of nutrition to learning.
  • Your student’s school receives funding from state and federal sources based on the number of students qualifying for free and reduced price meals. These funds are used by the school to provide supplies, books, teacher and paraprofessional pay and training, which allows your student a greater chance of succeeding in school.
  • Money for additional technology is provided to the school based on the number of students qualifying for free and reduced price meals.

Before each new school year:

Tulsa Public Schools families have the opportunity to apply for free or reduced lunches through our Online Family Meal Applications.

Some students are pre-approved through DHS. In addition, students may pick up a family lunch application from their school. On each lunch application are detailed instructions on how to apply for the Free and Reduced Meal Program. Family Lunch Applications can be returned to any school in Tulsa Public Schools.

A very important point:

Upon receipt, Child Nutrition Services Department:

  • Checks application for completeness and then process it to determine eligibility.
  • Student information and status are entered in computers at the Education Service Center and communicated to each school cafeteria on a daily basis.
  • Parents will receive an approval letter that is sent home with each student.

If incomplete:

  • Child Nutrition Service staff at the Ross Service Center will obtain
    information from families by phone when possible.
  • Forms noting any missing information will be sent from the Ross Service Center to students’ homes by U.S. Mail when unable to contact households by telephone.
  • The parents can then return the completed forms in self-addressed stamped envelopes provided by Child Nutrition Services.


Children approved for free and reduced cost meals that transfer within the district do not complete a new family application form, unless there has been a change of income.

When a student arrives at a new school, office staff will, as quickly as possible, notify the cafeteria manager of the child’s complete name and former school. The cafeteria manager may call the Child Nutrition Services Office for status information.



Under part 6 of the family lunch application, there is a section to apply for information concerning free or low cost health insurance for your student. Sooner Care applications are also located at each Tulsa Public School.

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