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Bond Projects Team

Creating safe learning environments for our future

We are passionate about our work to help ensure that all Tulsa Public Schools are safe, supportive, learning environments and that all our students and staffs are equipped with the highest possible quality learning resources!

The bond office works collaboratively with all schools and departments to plan and complete bond funded projects supporting all members of the Tulsa Public School community.  Projects range from the construction of major school additions and schoolwide remodels to the purchase of a wide range of classroom materials including microscopes, textbooks, and computers.

In addition to planning with district schools, departments and teams, the bond office works closely with city, state and national organizations and with local community groups on the development and deployment of school bond projects.  


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Contact Us

Chris Hudgins
Executive Director, Bond Management


Contact Us

Amy Torvik
Bond Secretary,
Requisitions and board agenda items 


Paula Elam
Bond Office Manager, 
Bidding and contracts


Ellen Duecker
Bond Project Manager
Classroom bond issues and assistance


Molly Potts
Bond Financial Analyst, accounts and budgets

Stephanie Peaster
Bond Interior Designer / Project Manager, 
Renovations, interior design and furniture


Bill Cline
HVAC Project Manager,
Heating and air project management


Tara Logan
Bond Project Manager, Construction, school additions

Jerece Daniels
Bond Project Manager,
Construction, school additions


Reed Robinson
Bond Project Manager,
Construction, school additions