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Board of Education

The Tulsa Public Schools Board of Education is an elected board of seven community leaders who serve as the governing body for Tulsa Public Schools. Board members serve four year terms, and this voluntary role requires a great deal of time, energy, care, and commitment to brighter futures for Tulsa children. We are deeply grateful for the tireless dedication of our board members.

The board is responsible for establishing policies under which the district operates while acting within the framework of state and federal laws, while meeting the unique needs and concerns of the communities they serve. As civic leaders, our board members face complex and demanding challenges and contribute hundreds of hours each year leading Tulsa Public Schools to Destination Excellence.

Board of Education 2019-2020.
Board of Education from left to right: dr. Brian Hosmer, Ms. Jania Wester, Ms. Stacey Woolley, Ms. Ruth Ann Fate, Ms. Jennettie Marshall, Ms. Shawna Keller, Ms. Suzanne Schreiber.

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Students graduating from Memorial High School