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This manual codifies the official policies of the Board of Education and includes the

administrative regulations associated with selected policies. School Board policies state

positions adopted by the Board in order to provide direction, control and/or management of

its legal functions.


The goals of all policy are to present clear, concise, and distinct directives to the Board’s

staff and to serve as a primary communication tool with the general public with specific

attention to students, parents and/or guardians. Regulations state procedures and rules

developed by the administration to guide and direct the implementation of Board policy.


Adoption of new policies or revision of existing policies is solely the responsibility of the

Board. Proposals for new policies or revisions to current policies may be submitted in

writing by any interested citizen, District employee, or member of the Board. Proposals shall

be submitted to the Superintendent for referral to the Board.

It is the obligation of employees to familiarize themselves with and follow Board policies.

Employees are responsible for familiarizing themselves with and following all administrative



One should consider two basic points when using this manual: (1) the policies represent

official positions of the Board, and (2) federal, state and local statutes drive the legal basis

for these policies and regulations. Various other publications such as the Certificated

Personnel Handbook, Support Personnel Handbook, Behavior Response Plan, Policies and

Procedures Manual for Special Education in Oklahoma, Administrative Handbook for School

Activity Funds, and the School Laws of Oklahoma serve as companion documents to this

Board Policy Manual and are useful tools for more regulatory detail.


Please note that Board policies are printed on white paper and administrative regulations

are printed on blue paper. Regulations are codes with an “R” suffix.


Policy Codification Series

1000 District Organization, Philosophy and Goals

2000 Student Services

3000 Teaching and Learning

4000 Human Capital Services

5000 Financial Management

6000 Information Technology

7000 Support Services

8000 Facilities Services

9000 Business, Governmental, and Community Relations


Definition of Terms

Policy: Formally adopted position of the Board concerning a particular issue or circumstance

Regulation: Processes and/or procedures developed by the Administration designed to implement a policy.

Legal Reference: Federal and state statutes

Contract Reference: Specific reference to negotiated agreements with the employee organizations/unions

Cross Reference: References to other policy or regulations.

Descriptor: A specific code assigned to policies, regulations, forms, and notices.