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Policy 2601-R: Student Dress Code

Tulsa Public Schools Policy 2601-R: Student Dress Code

General Rules

The following decorations and/or designs (including tattoos and/or brands either temporary or permanent*) imprinted upon or attached to the body or clothing are prohibited:

  • Symbols, mottoes, words or acronyms that convey crude, vulgar, profane, violent, death-oriented, gang-related, sexually explicit, or sexually suggestive messages.
  • Symbols, mottoes, words or acronyms advertising tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia.
  • Symbols, mottoes, words or acronyms identifying a student as a member of a secret or overtly antisocial group or gang or that identifies a student as a member of an organization that professes violence or hatred toward one’s fellow man.

    *Visible and permanent tattoos/brands incompatible with the standards set forth herein shall be covered to prohibit their display.

Excessively large or baggy clothes are prohibited. Approved garments must be of a length and fit that are suitable to the build and stature of the student.

Permitted garments shall be clean, in good repair, and shall have no holes worn through, slashes or rips.

Permitted clothing shall be worn as designed/manufactured to include the following:

  • Suspender straps must be attached as designed and worn on shoulders
  • Shirts/blouses must be appropriately buttoned
  • Zippers on pants and shirts must be zipped
  • Belts must be fastened

School team apparel or school organizational uniforms are allowed on a game day or on other days as approved by the school’s administration.

All students participating in approved school activities are expected to comply with required dress and personal appearance regulations of the activity in which they are participating. Students who refuse to dress as required by the school or sponsor will not be permitted to participate in the activity or to represent the school in any way.


Students must store outerwear (coats, hats, gloves, scarves, etc.) in their lockers upon arrival at school. Outerwear will not be permitted in classrooms, cafeterias, libraries, corridors or other areas of the school buildings after arrival unless authorized by the school’s administration.

Head Coverings/Sunglasses

Scarves, curlers, bandanas, sweatbands, or other similar head coverings or adornments shall not be worn to class or within school buildings.

Caps, hats or other similar head coverings shall not be worn to class or within school buildings unless prescribed by a physician, previously approved by the school’s administration for religious reasons, or approved by the school’s administration for a special school activity.

Sunglasses (unless prescribed by a physician) shall not be worn to class or within school buildings.

Upper Garments

The cut of sleeveless garments must not expose undergarments or be otherwise immodest. Strapless garments are prohibited. Shoulder straps of permitted garments must be a minimum of the width of two fingers of the person wearing the garment.

Bare midriffs, immodestly low cut necklines, off the shoulder, or bare backs are prohibited. Garments must be of appropriate length, cut and/or fit to meet these requirements while sitting and/or bending.

Lower Garments

Undergarments shall not be visible. Pants and shorts shall be worn at the waist, and shall not extend below the heel of the shoe in length.

Tights or leggings worn as outerwear, spandex, bike shorts, bathing/swimming wear, sleep wear (including pajamas), etc., are not permitted.

Shorts and skirts must be of modest length defined as a maximum of 6” above the knee of the wearer or not above the fingertip of the wearer with the arm fully extended, whichever is longer.


Students shall wear appropriate footwear for protection and hygienic reasons while on school grounds, participating in school activities, or on school transportation. House slippers, and shower shoes are examples of unacceptable footwear.


Jewelry and other accessories shall not convey prohibited messages as defined above. Visible pierced jewelry shall be limited to the ear.

Dog collars, tongue rings and studs, wallet chains, large hair picks, chains that connect one part of the body to another, or other jewelry/accessories that pose a safety concern for the student or others are prohibited.

Religious and Health Accommodation

Where a bona fide religious belief or health need of a student conflicts with the school dress code, reasonable accommodation shall be provided. Any student desiring accommodation shall notify the school principal in writing of the requested accommodation and the factual basis for the request. Approved coverings worn as part of a student’s bona fide religious practices or beliefs shall not be prohibited under this policy.

Clothing Assistance

It is the policy of the Board that no student will be denied an education due to a bona fide financial inability to obtain clothing that complies with the school dress code. Any student for whom compliance with the school dress code poses a bona fide financial burden may submit a written request for clothing needed, together with a statement of financial need. School principals, or their designees, shall assist families in financial need to obtain clothing that complies with the school dress code. In meeting requests for assistance, principals, or their designees, shall consider community resources such as clothing donations from school personnel, merchants, parent organizations, and charitable organizations, financial assistance, purchasing clothing for a student, and providing additional time for a student to obtain clothing that complies with the school dress code.

School Policies

Individual schools, via their respective school shared decision-making councils or school improvement committees may, upon approval by the principal, impose more strict dress code requirements than those set forth herein. However, all schools must meet the standards set forth in this policy as the minimum requirement. Schools shall publish any and all additional requirements/expectations relative to student dress. Students and their parents/guardians have the responsibility to be aware of any school specific dress codes and to conform to those requirements after the school has provided reasonable notice.


Students who elect not to conform to the dress and grooming rules set forth by this policy will be subjected to disciplinary actions and/or sanctions as defined by the district’s Behavior Response Plan.

Unusual Circumstances

If any unusual situation relative to dress or grooming arises which is not specifically covered in this policy, the building administrator shall have the authority to rule on the appropriateness of the attire.

Adopted: July 2001
Revised: November 2013
Legal Reference: 770 O.S. Section 6-144 2601-R Page 3 of 3

Policy 2601-R

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