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Policy 2602-R: Student Searches

Tulsa Public Schools Policy 2602-R: Student Searches

The school principal or designee may authorize the search of a student's person or personal property and the seizure of prohibited illegal or harmful items in a student’s possession as follows:

  • Upon reasonable suspicion by school authorities to believe the student is in possession of an item which constitutes a crime or a school rule violation. The student should be told prior to the search that the search is seeking prohibited contraband. If a "pat down" search becomes necessary, then, when feasible, the "pat down" should be conducted by a person of the same gender. The search should be witnessed, when feasible, by at least another certificated or other authorized person. Under no circumstances should a strip search be conducted.
  • At any other time allowed by law, Board policy or the Behavior Response Plan.
  • School authorities may seize prohibited, illegal, or harmful items or other substances reasonably determined to be a threat to the safety or security of others.
  • Any seized items may be temporarily or permanently removed from a student's possession.
Issued: February 2005
Revised: November 2013
Legal Reference: Oklahoma State Law Title 70 § 24-102

Policy 2602-R

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