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Policy 2602: Student Searches

Tulsa Public Schools Policy 2602: Student Searches

PURPOSE: To establish standards for student searches.

All school property such as lockers, desks, etc., assigned to students is held in public trust by the Board. The student is given a temporary right to use the property and this right may be revoked at any time. School property will not be used to store materials, objects, etc., in violation of school regulations or state and local ordinances. The school principal or designee may authorize the search of school property temporarily assigned to a specific student and without the permission of the student or the presence of the student. Students have no expectation of privacy as to lockers, desks, or other school property temporarily assigned for their personal use. School personnel may remove from lockers or desks any articles which are prohibited at school or could be used to interfere with or disrupt the educational process.

No person while attending a public school-sponsored function may conceal on person or purse, handbag, etc., any weapon, narcotic or dangerous drug, alcohol, or any other substance or object in violation of local or state ordinances or school regulation.

Adopted: November 1982
Revised: February 2005
Legal Reference: Oklahoma State Law Title 70 § 24-102

Policy 2602

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