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Media Resources

children looking at video camera with news reporter

We love to spotlight the great teaching and learning happening in our classrooms, and we welcome press to cover stories about school and district news, events, programs, and activities. We also have lots of story ideas, so feel free to contact us if you need one!

We ask that reporters interested in doing stories with Tulsa Public Schools follow a few guidelines:

  • All media inquiries about the district or our schools should be made to Director of Communications Emma Garrett-Nelson at 918-202-6956 (cell), 918-746-6298 (office), or (Please do not contact our schools directly.) 
  • If you would like to use the outside of one of our schools for a stand-up and/or live-shot, a quick text is appreciated.
  • If you are covering a school event, please get approval from a teacher or school leader before interviewing any students. While we have releases for many of our students, there are some who cannot be photographed or filmed.
  • We suggest that, unless you're brave, try not to visit schools during drop-off and pick-up times as the vehicle and foot traffic can be challenging.

District overview

Mission and vision

Our mission is to inspire and prepare every student to love learning, achieve ambitious goals and make positive contributions to our world

Our vision is to make Tulsa Public Schools the destination for extraordinary educators who work with our community and families to ignite the joy of learning and prepare every student for the greatest success in college, careers and life.

More about Destination Excellence

enrollment and demographics

Data as of June 2018

87 schools and charter partners

Total enrollment: 39,609 students

78% economically disadvantaged

Student ethnicity

  • 34% Hispanic
  • 24% African American
  • 3% Asian/Pacific islander
  • 24% white
  • 10% multi-racial
  • 5% American Indian or Alaska Native

Student demographics

  • 21% Multi-lingual learners
  • 19% students with disabilities
  • 12% gifted and talented
  • 51% male
  • 49% female

district leadership team

Superintendent Deborah A. Gist
Deputy Superintendent Paula Shannon
General Counsel Jana Burk
Design and Innovation Officer Andrea Castañeda
Chief Financial Officer Nolberto Delgadillo
Chief Information and Analytics Officer Stephen Fedore
Chief Talent and Learning Officer Devin Fletcher
Chief Operations Officer Jorge Robles

More about our leadership team.

board of education

Vice President Suzanne Schreiber (District 7)
Brian Hosmer (District 5)
Ruth Ann Fate (District 6)
President Shawna Keller (District 4)
Jennettie Marshall (District 3)
Stacey Woolley (District 1)
Jania Wester (District 2)

More about our board.

Open Records Requests

Requests for records can be made online through our form.

Depending on the nature and scope of the request, responses may take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. If we anticipate a longer turn-around, we will contact you. To help us expedite your request, we ask that you try to be as detailed as possible about the information you need. For more information about records requests or to check on the status of your request, contact Sarah Agee at 918-746-6298 or

*If you are a non-media commercial entity requesting records, there may be a charge. Upon receiving your Open Records Request, we will send you an estimate of the cost to pull the relevant records. After receiving your approval of the estimate, we will begin processing your request.

Download our logo

The official Tulsa Public Schools logo is provided here for use in district-approved publications and presentations. Media organizations may use the logo in stories on Tulsa Public Schools.


Contact the Communications Department to obtain permission to use the Tulsa Public Schools logo. 

See Board Policies for specific information you may find helpful:

Graphic Guidelines

Colors and Usage. When the logo is reproduced in two-color or four-color process printing on a white background, the logo and typeface must match the designated PMS colors. One color logos may be 100 percent black. The logo may be reversed to all white when used on a dark background. In addition, the logo may be used as a graphic element either in a screen percentage or as a background object. The Tulsa Public Schools logo must be reproduced only from authorized logo originals. 

Symbol Usage. The symbol may be separated from the typeface and used as a one-color graphic element screened back as a background object or reversed on a dark background. 

Clear Space: The clear space is defined as the area surrounding the logo. The minimum distance of this space consists of the height of the letters TULSA. No written information or other logos should appear within this space.

Placement: The logo should never be placed too close to other graphics elements or other text. Follow the clear space rule. The logo should never be outlined. The logo should not be positioned at an angle.

Size: The minimum height is .5"

Proportions: The logo size may be reduced but take care to maintain the original proportions. Do not stretch vertically or horizontally. 

These files may be reduced in size but never enlarged. If you need larger versions contact the Communications Department at 918-746-6298.

  • Do not attempt to create the Tulsa Public Schools logo from ordinary type. 
  • Do not use the Tulsa Public Schools type with, or as a part of, another logo or symbol. 
  • Do not grant permission to another organization/ company to use the Tulsa Public Schools logo without first getting approval from the Tulsa Public Schools Communications Department.
  • The Tulsa Public Schools logo should not be positioned at an angle. 
  • Do not place the Tulsa Public Schools type too close to other type or graphic elements. To allow for maximum impact, follow the clear space rule. 
  • The Tulsa Public Schools logo should never be outlined.

Logo files

Print files




sample logo download icon

Spot color .eps

Blue: 298 C 
Orange: 1665 C

sample logo download icon

CMYK .eps

RGB .tiff

Blue: 70, 14, 0, 0
Orange: 3, 84, 100, 0

sample logo download icon

Black .eps

100% BLACK


Web files




sample logo download icon

Color .jpg

R:40 G:171 B:226

:232 G:79 B:37

sample logo download icon

Color, transparent .png

R:40 G:171 B:226

:232 G:79 B:37

sample logo download icon

Black, transparent .png

Black #000000

sample logo download icon

White, transparent .png




*Screen-specific colors have been designated for the Tulsa Public Schools logo to match as closely as possible to their PMS equivalent. RGB equivalents should be used for all digital media and Hexadecimal values (web-safe colors) for Internet applications.

This is the top hero image that will appear in the header of the live version of this page

Student and news reporter operating a video camera

Contact Us

Emma Garrett-Nelson
Director of Communications
918-202-6956 (cell)
918-746-6298 (office)