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Carver Students Create DIY Air Conditioner Thanks To Partnership Between Tulsa STEM Alliance And Harrison Energy Partners

Students from Carver Middle School created a DIY air conditioner from a simple motor, plastic container, propeller and battery as part of a partnership between the Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance and Harrison Energy Partners, Oklahoma's fastest growing provider of commercial HVAC systems sales and service, during the Daikin Innovation Roadshow Friday, July 16, 2021.

The students were treated to a tour of the 60-foot Daikin trailer, which featured hydraulic "wings" that spread to create a hands-on product displays with the latest, embedded HVAC technology and products such as indoor, outdoor and rooftop air systems, air purification system-, air- and water-cooled chillers, water source heat pumps, fan technology, screw compression technology and blower coils.

"At Harrison Energy Partners, we've long focused on being a good community partner, and we are thrilled to expose students to the exciting world behind the scenes in HVAC," said Ben Dye, VP of Harrison Energy Partners, Tulsa. "Our sponsorship of the roadshow and the Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance is just one example of how we ensure our clients and future engineers understand the most recent innovations in the industry. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with not only the latest technology but also exceptional customer service. These incredible students experienced just that."

"We were so excited to provide students with this hands-on experience that taught them to make practical connections between their studies and real-life applications," said Levi Patrick, executive director of Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance.

The Daikin Innovation Roadshow presented by Harrison Energy Partners is an interactive, immersive HVAC experience for contractors, engineers, building operators and students.

The Daikin Innovation Roadshow made July stops in Springdale, Arkansas, Tulsa, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.