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2021 Bond for Tulsa Public Schools - Proposition 2, continuation of our COVID-19 safety practices, second enrollment window opens

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2021 Bond Package for Tulsa Public Schools

On June 8, 2021, you will have an opportunity to vote on four propositions included in the 2021 Bond for Tulsa Public Schools. If passed by Tulsans, the 2021 Bond for Tulsa Public Schools will invest $414 million over five years in Tulsa children, teachers, and families and make a meaningful impact in every school. The four propositions include:

A Deeper Dive: Proposition 2 – Student and Classroom Technologies

Proposition 2 includes investments totaling $90.7 million in enhanced state-of-the-art educational technology for every student and every teacher that will provide students with tools to prepare them for success in college, careers, and beyond. The 2021 Bond for Tulsa Public Schools will also fund network infrastructure upgrades and district-wide software and programs to keep our systems running smoothly; and digital marquee replacements and upgrades providing a highly visible and flexible way for all schools to share information with parents. The support from the proposed package will ensure that we can provide devices to all students, teachers, and support professionals to use every day.

Visit our website to see a complete breakdown of where exactly the $90.7 million from proposition 2 would be spent. You can also click here for an overview of each proposition or visit for more details.

Be sure to save the date to get out and vote on Tuesday, June 8. If you are not yet registered, the deadline to register to vote in the June election is Friday, May 14. Click here for voter registration information or to find your polling place.

Continuation of our COVID-19 safety practices

Tulsa Public Schools has safety guidelines and protocols in place to help minimize community spread of COVID-19. One of our most important (and most effective) safety practices is our mask requirement: all students and adults must wear masks that cover their noses and mouths.

While we are following the news around the potential expiration of the City of Tulsa’s mask mandate closely, it is important to know that safety practices at Tulsa Public Schools will not change. Regardless of whether our city continues the mask mandate, all students and adults on our campuses or sites will still be required to wear masks that cover their noses and mouths. 

Across the entirety of this pandemic, we have continued to make decisions grounded in science and data and in consultation with our local medical experts. We know that:

  • Masks are highly effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19;
  • Most of our students are under age 16 and ineligible for vaccination; and
  • We take our responsibility for your child’s health and safety with the urgency it deserves.

Our decision is aligned with the Oklahoma State Department of Education’s recommendation and with the Tulsa Health Department's advice to continue requiring students and adults to wear masks at schools.

Our mask requirement will remain in place through the remainder of the school year and during the summer months for those students participating in our Ready. Set. Summer! programs. For more information about our COVID-19 safety practices, visit

Second enrollment window opens Monday, April 26

Our second student enrollment window for the 2021-2022 school year will open on Monday, April 26 and close on Friday, May 28! If you missed the enrollment window in January and February, you still have a chance to explore all of the learning options available for your child and apply for up to two schools for next year. Visit to learn more about the schools in our district and enroll.

Click here to see our COVID-19 Case Count for the period of April 16 - April 22. You can also find the COVID-19 Case Count for previous weeks on our website at