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Choosing between in-person and distance learning

At the Feb. 16 meeting, the Board of Education approved the schedule for student return to in-person learning. Parents still have the option to choose which learning mode their children use. When making this decision families should consider:

  • All students and adults are required to wear face masks in our school buildings and district office sites; 
  • Adults entering our buildings must complete a temperature screening, and both adults and students must complete a self-administered health screening;
  • We have installed advanced air filtration and air scrubber systems that exceed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s standards;
  • We have thorough cleaning and sanitizing practices in place in all of our buildings, including hand-cleaning stations for students and adults; and
  • We have processes and protocols for responding to potential COVID-19 exposure including isolation areas for individuals feeling unwell, contact tracing, and notification for anyone with possible close-contact exposure.
  • While we will work to create as much safe distancing as possible during the school day, it is unlikely that we can provide the six feet of distance recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • If you have reliable transportation to drive your child to school, we encourage you to do so as distancing will be difficult on our buses.

What to expect if your child remains in distance learning:

  • Students who remain in distance learning will continue to use their Chromebooks and Canvas as their primary learning resources.
  • Students’ attendance will remain the same for quarter two - visit for more information.
  • Students will have contact with their assigned teachers - this will be limited to a few touchpoints a week. School teams will plan these touchpoints to check in with students on their progress, maintain student/teacher relationships, and teach mini-lessons.
  • Students will work with a combination of recorded videos and activities.
  • Students in distance learning will still be able to pick up breakfast and lunch meals free of charge.

If you want to keep your child in distance learning, log onto SmartChoice at and use the “Semester Two Commitment” form to select the distance learning mode. Instructional videos on how to complete the form can be found here.

If you have already completed this form and want to keep your child's selected learning mode in semester 2, you do not need to complete it again. The deadline to select a learning mode for your child is Friday, Feb. 19. Families will have additional opportunities to change learning modes over the coming months, and - if needed - can work with school leaders to shift students with appropriate notice to schools.

For more information about what in-person learning will look like, please review the resources below:

Additional resources are available at