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Over the next two months, members of the Dual Language Academy and Tulsa Learning Academy family will gather community input to create a recommendation for new names for their schools. 

School name changes are governed by Board Policy 8102 which outlines our facility naming process. The process begins with a formal announcement at a regular Board meeting. The Board then names an ad hoc committee for the facility being named, and the ad committee works to gather community input to help them develop up to three names to present to the Board. While the Board of Education makes the final decision about the name of a space or facility, the policy provides for opportunities for input from the school community. 

Principal Irma Sandoval, Principal Dixie Speer, and the members of the ad hoc committees are asking the community to share their input using these forms:

“We want our school to be named for someone all our students can identify with: they should be bilingual in English and Spanish and an advocate for civil rights and/or for education,” said Principal Sandoval.

Principal Dixie Speer said: 'With the addition of the Tulsa Beyond, we need a name that highlights what we do in that program and Tulsa Learning Academy online at our new location in north Tulsa. We would like a name that reflects what we do for our students and families.”

The forms for Dual Language Academy and Tulsa Learning Academy will remain open for input until 5pm on Friday, Feb. 19. Any school name change would not take effect until the 2021-2022 school year.

Additionally, members of the Nathan Hale High School family are gathering community input to create a recommendation for a name for the school auditorium.

“We want our auditorium to have a meaningful name that will connect students, alumni, and faculty to the city of Tulsa and the history of Hale High School,” said Principal Sheila Riley.

The community can share their input using this form:

 The form for Hale High school will remain open until 5pm on Monday, Feb. 15.