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COVID-19 Health Data Briefing March 1

This evening, Chief Operations Officer Jorge Robles presented an update on our COVID-19 health data to our Board of Education. The update included a review of the key data that the district uses to assess health and safety conditions in the district and surrounding areas.

Insights from tonight’s data review include:

Foundational Health Care Metrics

  • Continued downward trend across state and count, and are at the lowest levels since last September.
  • We need to continue to follow safety practices and do our part to ensure that rates go even lower to keep our students and team members safe.

Early Warning Indicators

  • Vaccinations: 
    • Last week the Tulsa Health Department  (THD) provided access to more than 5k vaccines. We cannot confirm how many of those were provided specifically to our team but likely a large proportion.
    • Delivered second doses of vaccines to our team members last week and we are continuing to support individuals that missed their second dose.
    • Local health providers, including Ascension St. John and St. Francis, continue to be supportive collaborators.
    • Nearly 1,000 additional vaccines were made available to our team last weekend from Saint Francis.
    • We shared information from THD this afternoon about Saint Francis vaccination clinics on March 6 and 7 which will provide 1,000 additional vaccines.
    • We continue to focus on sharing information and encourage staff participation.
  • Rapid Testing: 
    • Finalizing set up to start screening rapid testing with our school based staff and with secondary students.
    • We have doubled the number of staff who have opted in (close to 2K), and have seen significant increase for student opt-in this weekend. We are continuing to work on increased participation for students and staff. 

Foundational System Metrics

  • We have necessary stock of PPE supplies and all PPE has been delivered to schools.
  • We are distributing additional desk shields and PPE to schools per requests.
  • We continue to monitor staffing daily across schools teams and support professionals.
    • Child Nutrition: same status, working on processing & onboarding new applicants.
    • Transportation: no change from last week. All bus routes are covered.
    • Custodians: 
      • All day positions are covered. 11 positions filled and a few more onboarding and expect shift to happen next week.
      • 15 temps starting as well and looking for a few more based on rate of training/integration.
  • School site staffing - all teams ready to support return to in person learning.
    • Monitoring staffing levels daily.
    • Currently 9 schools are in “yellow zone” for absences/leaves.
  • Substitutes 
    • Needs remain consistent, and we continue to work on recruiting efforts. 
    • Applications are starting to rise over the last couple of days; background checks still processing.

Mental Health Support

Our Student & Family Support Services team has been consistently providing supports to our students through confidential crisis intervention, advocacy, and referrals to intervention resources.

  • Tulsa Public Schools collaborates with more than 30 mental health agencies.
  • Mental health screenings available to all 6th through 12th grade students.
    • 21 completed screenings to date
  • Wellness teams have logged 26,187 log entries
  • Year-to-date 32 crisis intervention referrals have been logged. 
  • There have been 108 child abuse referrals logged since January 1, 2021
    • 4 more since last report
  • Currently approximately 1000 students are receiving mental health services as reported by partner agencies.
  • The Student and Family Support Services team along with school based teams respond to all student searches on their technology devices related to safety concerns as required by the Children’s Internet Protection Act.