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A parent and child walk down a row of schools at the enrollment expo

The second Tulsa Public Schools Enrollment Expo will be on Saturday, February 4 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Tulsa Tech Lemley Campus (3420 S. Memorial Dr.). 

At the Enrollment Expo, you can:

  • Meet with teachers and school leaders from ALL of our 78 schools.
  • Learn about district resources like special education, out-of-school-time learning, and world languages;
  • Connect with more than 25 community resource partners providing free support services; and
  • Enter for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card!

On-site enrollment support, interpretation services, and transportation will be available. The shuttle schedule is available in English and Spanish. Lunch is also provided free of charge.

In addition to school representatives, district teams and community partners will be at the expo to connect with families about the services they provide.

Bus Routes

*Bus shuttles will run on a continuous loop. Buses depart Lemley at 12:30, 1:30, and 2:30 pm.

Bus 1

Pickup Location Pickup Time
Ross - 8934 E Latimer St. 10:30 AM
Former Sandburg Elementary School - 18580 E 3rd St. 10:45 AM
East Central High School - 12150 E. 11th St. 11:00 AM
Lewis & Clark Elementary School - 737 S Garnett R 11:15 AM
Tulsa Tech - Lemley 3420 S Memorial Dr 11:30 AM

Bus 2

Pickup Location Pickup Time
North Star Academy - 525 E 46th St. N. 10:30 AM
Monroe Demonstration Academy - 2010 E 48th St N 10:45 AM
Traice Academy - 2740 E 41st St. N 11:00 AM
Celia Clinton Elementary School - 1740 N Harvard Ave. 11:15 AM
Tulsa Tech - Lemley 3420 S Memorial Dr. 11:30 AM

Bus 3

Pickup Location Pickup Time
Memorial High School - 5840 S Hudson Ave. 10:15 AM
Johnson Park-6002 S Madison Ave. 10:30 AM
Lafortune Tower - 1200 W 19th St. 10:45 AM
Schiegel Park - 3825 W 53rd Pl. 11:00 AM
Webster High School - 1919 W 40th St 11:15 AM
Tulsa Tech - Lemley 3420 S Memorial Dr. 11:30 AM

District Support Services

Community Partners

Click through the slideshow below to view photos from our January Enrollment Expo. We hope to see you at the expo on February 4!