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Families Participate in Bike Tune-Up Day at Monroe

On September 16, Tulsa Bike Club and Tulsa HUB teamed up with Monroe Demonstration Academy to host a Bike Tune-Up Day.

“Seeing bikes in disrepair is something we decided to do something about,” said Patrick Hayes, the program manager for Tulsa HUB.

Families brought their bikes to Monroe, and the teams worked with them to fix their bikes and teach the students about bike repair and maintenance.

“More people showed up that I even expected. Absolutely amazing,” said Patrick. “It’s really special to do this. I personally have really missed doing this. Having access to our students when schools are closed has been a really hard challenge.”

The event at Monroe served as a pilot to see if this approach would work and it proved to be very successful. By the end of the event, several bikes had been brought by the tent. Simple repairs were done on the spot, but many other bikes were left to be taken back to the shop to be fixed. They are also working with kids to see if they can swap bikes they have outgrown for ones that are a better fit.

Extracurriculars like Bike Club are a great way to keep students engaged in school. With students in distance learning right now, events like this are a perfect way to stay connected with families.

“This is a very important part of education and taking care of our kids and community,” said Patrick. “Kids are always happy riding bikes.”

Since the tune-up day was such a hit, they plan to have more events like this in the future, both at Monroe and at other schools.