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Health Data Briefing Feb. 16

COVID-19 Health Data Briefing - Feb 16

This evening, Chief Operations Officer Jorge Robles presented an update on our COVID-19 health data to our Board of Education. The update included a review of the key data that the district uses to assess health and safety conditions in the district and surrounding areas.

Insights from tonight’s data review include:

Foundational Health Care Metrics

  • Cases have continued to decrease and are currently lower than when we brought students back in early November.

Early Warning Indicators

  • Case counts - have seen decrease over the past week in alignment with the overall decrease in community spread.
  • Vaccinations clinics with Caring Van are on hold due to inclement weather.
  • Rapid testing update - plans for screening and diagnostic testing in place.

Foundational System Metrics

  • Staffing: our vacancy levels have remain stable with some positive progress on recruitment of custodians. Plans are in place to support a return to in-person learning.
    • Support professional staffing remains at similar levels of vacancies but starting to see positive movement from recruiting.
    • School-based staffing levels remain consistent, and we continue to have a significant need for substitute teachers.
  • Personal protective equipment and safety equipment
    • We have necessary stock of PPE supplies and all PPE has been delivered to schools.
    • Waiting on a couple of deliveries delayed due to weather.


  • We continue to work closely with the Tulsa Health Department (THD).
  • Our vaccination clinics with Caring Van are unlikely to resume this week due to weather and awaiting guidance for rescheduling/resuming next week for dose 2 in first phase.
  • On hold for first dose of second phase given inclement weather.
  • State allowing Feb 22nd to start for all PreK-12 staff. THD is coordinating the countywide distribution plan, and more details are pending.

Rapid Testing Program

  • Current supply of tests will be used over next few weeks to support return to in-person learning.
  • No more tests available for immediate purchase as they are reserved for long term health facilities. Nationwide supply chain issues for CDC approved tests.
  • We are working diligently with THD to secure additional test.
  • Opt-in push to increase numbers for staff and students over the next week.

Mental Health Supports

  • Our Student & Family Support Services team has been consistently providing supports to our students through confidential crisis intervention, advocacy, and referrals to intervention resources.
  • Tulsa Public Schools is partnered with over 30 mental health agencies.
  • Mental health screenings have been offered to all 6th through 12th grade students.
  • Wellness teams have been started at all schools and in the last 30 days alone have logged over 7,000 entries in our data collection tool.
  • Year to date 30 crisis intervention referrals have been logged. 
  • There have been 104 child abuse referrals logged since January 1, 2001
  • Currently approximately 1100 students are receiving mental health services as reported by our partner agencies. 
  • The Student and Family Support Services team along with school based teams respond to all student searches on their technology devices related to mental health concerns.