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Magnet schools or programs offer specialized learning opportunities to students across district

Did you know that Tulsa Public Schools offers 12 specialized school communities that focus on areas such as engineering, dual language learning, and intensive college preparatory studies where students can earn International Baccalaureate or AP Capstone diplomas? The district’s 78 school options include seven lottery magnet schools and five criteria-based magnets. Lottery magnet schools use a randomized selection process to admit students. Students applying for enrollment in a criteria-based magnet must meet specific eligibility standards

Director of Strategic Operations Cesar Dominguez says: “Our enrollment system is designed to make the application process easy for all families. We have one application and one application period where families can apply for any school in the district, including all of our magnet programs.”

The enrollment window for the 2022-2023 school year closes Sunday, Feb. 13.

The district’s lottery magnet offerings for the elementary grades are:

The district has four magnet programs serving the middle grades:

  • Thoreau Demonstration Academy is lottery based and specializes in MicroSociety

  • Carver Middle School is criteria-based, specializing in the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme;

  • Edison Preparatory Middle is criteria-based and specializes in rigorous advanced studies, offering multiple courses for high school credit; and

  • Rogers Middle School is lottery based and specializes in multilingual literacy and college readiness. All students are enrolled in Mastering the Middle Grades, a course designed to teach self-regulatory skills.

Four high schools are magnet schools or have magnet programs:

Click here to for more details on how to apply to a magnet school or program and to see the list of documents required for each application. You can visit all 12 magnet programs during the district’s upcoming Enrollment Expos; click here for dates and details.

The 2022-2023 enrollment window closes Feb. 13. Go to for more information and click here for key dates and events during the enrollment window.