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Two female students perform latinx dance in bright red skirts.

Students from four schools participated in Gaining Ground's Project Change summer arts camp this month!

Gaining Ground's Project Change

During the month of June, students spent time learning about the various forms of art through books and visits with local artists at museums including the Woody Guthrie Center and ahha Tulsa.

Students smiling with colorful masks.

The camp ended with an art showcase at Guthrie Green in downtown Tulsa.

Large group of students standing in a circle at Guthrie Green, several students in the middle of circle dancing.

Students from Celia Clinton and John Hope Franklin elementaries as well as Unity Learning and Monroe Demonstration academies were given the opportunity to show off their art.

Students from Monroe Demonstration Academy on Guthrie Green stage while dancing.

Students created various forms of art, like bright and colorful paintings, original music, and exciting dances!

Photo of three boys, one playing a miniature grand piano.

Each young artist learned how their artwork impacts their community.

Students smile while standing in front of artwork.

 Hurd Family Studios and Hot Toast music led students in dance and music created by the students!

Students excited and yelling, girl has fist in air.