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Senior Spotlight: Christian Davis at Booker T. Washington High School

Christian Davis is a senior at Booker T. Washington High School. He is class president, planning all the big school events like prom. He is a member of the Teen Advisory Board, which is a school-based volunteering group. They help with everything from naturalization ceremonies to Teacher Appreciation Week. He also serves on the Indian Education Native American Youth Board helping Native American students across the district get the resources they need.

“I feel like during my time at Booker T., I’ve done a lot with the school, outside of the school, in my community,” said Christian. “I can definitely say that I feel accomplished and I feel ready to leave, but it's definitely a sad feeling to think that school is going to move on without me.”

His best memories of high school are the loud and spirited pep rallies in the fieldhouse.

“Booker T. is a school where school spirit is a really big thing, and at pep rallies you can really see that at full force at 100%,” he said. “I think having everyone together and cheering, you have that sense of community, that sense of togetherness, which is really nice to have. You feel like you're close with everyone there even people you don't know or people you may not know as well. From football to basketball to our esports group, we make sure to give everyone a little moment in the sun.”

Christian’s favorite teacher at Booker T. was his IB math teacher Miss Campbell.

“I'm most definitely more of an English kid so math was never my strong suit. She made me fall in love with math and the idea of it. Now I can confidently say I love math because she really made me love it.”

He said he wants people to know that Booker T. is not as competitive as it may look from the outside.

“We definitely do require a lot of our students here, but there's such a helpful community with our teachers, with our administrators, with other students that if you're ever struggling in a class, it's never an issue to reach out for help,” he explained. “Everyone is here to help each other and to lift each other up so we can all succeed together.”

After graduation, Christian will attend Brown University in Rhode Island to major in political science. He plans to go to law school to work in civil rights law and then, someday, hopes for a career in politics.

The Booker T. Washington High School graduation will take place Saturday, May 20 at 6:30 p.m. at Expo Pavilion, 4145 East 21st St.