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Senior Spotlight: Jan Carlo Garcia at Phoenix Rising

Jan Carlo Garcia is a member of the Phoenix Rising class of 2023! He also attends Tulsa Tech. He will graduate from high school with his high school diploma and several career certifications including automotive and HVAC repair! He says his time at Phoenix Rising has set him up for success.

“It’s very calm and peaceful here. They work very closely with all the students. You can tell they really want you to succeed–to get the work done, graduate, and achieve your career goals. They help you in every way they can. If you need a job while you’re in school, or if you need supplies, they’ll do what they can to help.”

Jan Carlo says there is a lot more one-on-one help than at his previous school in Sperry. He says his favorite teachers are Ms. Krista Waldron and Ms. Darcy Carson.

“I never felt like I fit in at my previous school, but at Phoenix Rising I definitely feel like I fit in because it’s a very diverse school and it’s close to the city. Here, the teachers understand you and will joke with you and have a good time while we get work done. The personal help isn’t for everyone, but I like it because they’re always there if I need something. It’s pretty great!”

He says a great example of the Phoenix Rising team helping students succeed happens to be one of his favorite memories: “They took me to visit OSUIT [Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology] in Okmulgee. I had a chance to see the facility and learn about the programs available. It really made me start thinking about if I’d like to go there sometime in the future after I save up!

“Right after graduation I want to work for a few years and save up some money and eventually open up my own automotive shop. I’d love to eventually get into performance work.”

Jan Carlo’s advice for upcoming seniors: “Enjoy it. Stay on top of your assignments and don’t stress about it. Enjoy the ride because it’s your last year of high school! Enjoy every moment of it.”

The Phoenix Rising graduation will take place Saturday, May 20 at 10:30 a.m. at Expo Pavilion, 4145 East 21st St.