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Senior Spotlight: Joshua Key at Tulsa Virtual Academy

Joshua Key is a senior at Tulsa Virtual Academy, which he has attended since it was created three years ago. 

“I like it. I go at my own pace, and if caught up far enough, I can get out early,” said Joshua.

Joshua is also doing concurrent enrollment at Tulsa Tech learning masonry. Next year, he will continue the program to learn about HVAC. He said he enjoys hands-on work.

“Since I was I think 10, I was mowing lawns, pushing the mower around like five miles a day. I went through so many pairs of boots walking.”

Joshua said he is ready for graduation so he can go do his own thing. He hopes to pursue a career as an electrician or in carpentry.

The Tulsa Virtual Academy graduation will take place Saturday, May 20 at 10:30 a.m. at Expo Pavilion, 4145 East 21st St.