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Senior Spotlight: Limary Guerrero at Tulsa MET High School

Limary Guerrero is a senior at Tulsa MET High School. She has been at Tulsa MET since she was in 7th grade.

“It's just so different and unique. This is where I strive the most,” said Limary. “All my friends here are great, and we share a lot of the same values. I like that a lot.”

The small school environment allows for more personalized attention. She said her favorite memories are of her teachers.

“I feel like they've made it special throughout the years.”

She wanted to give a shoutout to two of her favorites on the Tulsa MET team, Ms. Heather and Trish.

“They do their everything for you. They're just so great, and they're always available. They always want to help.”

She added that history with Alex Nanik was her favorite class.

“When she would start talking about history, she was just so passionate about it so it made us intrigued and made us want to learn more.”

Limary is a busy senior. She is a member of student council, and they are currently working on plans for prom – the theme is an enchanted forest. She also just started an internship at The bART Center for Music. As she looks towards graduation, she said she is nervous but mostly excited. She is looking forward to starting her life in the “real world” as she reflects on the school that prepared her for it.

“This has been one of the best experiences ever coming here to this school because it's truly changed me as a whole. I am who I am today because of this school and because of the way that they pushed me to always be better and to always take opportunities and do things.”

After graduation, she wants to join the military. It’s a plan she has been thinking about since middle school. She is still deciding which branch she wants to join but said she is being recruited by the Navy.

“It’s always been an interest. I've always wanted to do something patriotic, and that's the most American thing to me.”

The Tulsa MET High School graduation will take place Saturday, May 20 at 10:30 a.m. at Expo Pavilion, 4145 East 21st St.