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Senior Spotlight: Paige Purdom at East Central High School

Paige Purdom is a senior at East Central High School. She said she has really enjoyed her four years at East Central. 

She has great memories of Mr. Hearn who was her English teacher freshman year.

“He was really cool. It wasn't just his teaching style. When there's a teacher that gives respect, you're likely to get respect back from students. He just gave wise opinions and advice.”

 She enjoyed virtual study sessions with her math teacher de la Rosa during the days of remote learning as well. This year, her favorite teacher is Ms. Ellis. She also gave a shoutout to special education teacher Donna Oliver, her para Meg, the custodian Joe, and the cafeteria staff.

Paige has participated in City Lab since she was a freshman. The program, which is offered during Spring Break and summer, gives high school students the opportunity to build their leadership and problem-solving skills by finding solutions to real issues around Tulsa. 

She has been taking concurrent classes during her senior year – cybersecurity last semester and Intro to Psychology now.

Her advice for rising seniors: “Try to stay caught up as much as you can. That way, you're not stressed out your senior year because senior year already comes with its challenges.”

She said it is easier to not worry when you already have most of your credits, so make sure to talk to the counselors to get on track.

As for her impending graduation, she isn’t exactly thrilled. 

“I'm ready to get done with it, but I also have the understanding of who's excited to pay taxes and who's excited to not have summer break off.”

Paige made sure to add that she was voted Most Sarcastic of her senior class.

“I gotta make sure the title is there.”

After graduation, Paige plans to attend Tulsa Community College. Though her major is undecided, she wants to focus on technology.

The East Central High School graduation will take place Thursday, May 18 at 8 p.m. at Expo Pavilion, 4145 East 21st St.