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Senior Spotlight: Sean Martinez at North Star Academy

North Star Academy senior Sean Martinez plans to apply at Holberton Tulsa to learn coding after graduation.

Sean says his dad was his inspiration to learn coding because that’s what he does as a profession. 

“I’ve been computer savvy for some time now so I’m excited to see what I can do in life after high school. Both of my parents have been really supportive of me with my career choice.”

Not only has Sean excelled in school, but he’s also taking concurrent enrollment at Tulsa Community College. He says he was presented the opportunity as a junior and decided to take English to help get college credit early.

Sean shared advice for next year's seniors: “Just turn in the work and do your best and if you’re serious about advancing your studies take the free courses offered to you at Tulsa Community College. There’s also great programs at Tulsa Tech that are worth taking advantage of.”

Sean’s favorite memories at North Star Academy is learning from past teacher, Mr.Teal, and attending the school dances.

The North Star Academy graduation will take place Tuesday, May 16 at 5:30 p.m. at Will Rogers College Middle and High School, 3909 E. 5th Pl.