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Senior Spotlight: Sherlin Soto Perea at McLain High School

Sherlin Soto Perea’s senior year at McLain High School has been fast-paced and full of emotions.

Sherlin arrived at McLain as a newcomer who spoke very little English. With hard work, she has overcome the language barrier and achieved high scores in all of her classes. 

“I will always remember the way I was welcomed here; it is a very welcoming school,” she said.

Her favorite memories are a photography trip to the botanical garden and her involvement in the art club. 

Looking ahead, Sherlin plans to pursue higher education with the goal of obtaining two degrees and starting her career.

To encourage her fellow seniors, she said, “Always follow your goals no matter what others say or do; what matters most is you, take the time to know what you like and do it. Surround yourself with people who love you and who bring good things to your life. Keep it going.”