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Senior Spotlight: Vanessa Solis at Will Rogers College High School

Drawing inspiration from her mom and older siblings, Vanessa Solis began taking classes at Tulsa Community College in middle school. Her hard work has paid off, and she will be graduating from Will Rogers College High School and TCC in the same week.

"Most people know that I'm working really hard and focusing on my education. I believe that's encouraging them to work harder," Vanessa shares.

Being named "Ms. Will" during Spirit Week is one of Vanessa's favorite memories of her senior year. 

"[Ms. Will] is someone who the school believes demonstrates the most school spirit. It's tough to be nominated at all, let alone win. It was a big surprise.” 

After graduation, Vanessa plans to pursue a bachelor's degree in accounting, followed by her CPA license. 

Vanessa shared some advice for her fellow students: "With hard work and dedication you can do anything, as long as you're consistent with your goals. Find the resources that are available and use them to help others as you help yourself.”