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Senior Spotlight: Zoe Henson-Smith at Street School

Zoe Henson-Smith is a senior at Street School, where she has gone to school for three years. She said she loves all the field trips they get to go on – especially those led by her favorite teacher Terry Watts.

“Terry’s class is like P.E. and outdoors, so he takes us to all the parks and Turkey Mountain and all that,” said Zoe.

Zoe also is part of the culinary group where she gets to make all sorts of food. Her favorite dish is bacon-wrapped jalapeños.

“We usually have competitions on who makes the best whatever we're making like potato salad or pasta salad.”

Street School team member Marie Quinten said Zoe is an incredible student.

“Zoe is a professional at Street School. So smart though she doesn't want any of us to know. She's always got her ear to the ground. We're going to miss her when she's gone.”

With all that Street School savvy, Zoe’s advice for next year’s seniors is to use all the resources the school provides and to have fun: “Just really enjoy it.”

Zoe gets a bit emotional thinking about graduation day.

“I'm nervous, but I'm proud,” she said. “I hope that a lot of people that I met in high school stay with me.”

After graduation, Zoe plans to attend Tulsa Community College to study to be an ultrasound technician. She also got accepted to Northeastern State University, where she plans to go if she decides to go higher in the medical field.

The Street School graduation will take place Tuesday, May 16 at 3 p.m. at Will Rogers Methodist Church, 1138 South Yale Ave.