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Young kid drinks juice after egg hunt

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Strong Tomorrows case managers Kasey Hughart and Gabriella Wallace held a spring family engagement event for expectant and parenting students and their families.

"We wanted to provide this opportunity for them to get out of the house. It’s a beautiful day. They brought their children and siblings. They’re just having lots of fun," said Kasey. 

The students, their children, and their siblings participated in an egg hunt and had lunch outside the Enrollment Center. They also received gift baskets filled with toys and snacks to enjoy with their kids.

Strong Tomorrows is a school-based program that provides guidance, support, and information for expectant and parenting students -- both moms and dads.

"Our overall goal is to help them stay in school, help meet their needs so they can focus on their education and graduate with their high school diploma. It’s the most exciting time when we can help them with that huge milestone," said Kasey.

The program helps with anything students might need -- including childcare, housing, meals, and education about child development, parenting, and prenatal health. There is a case manager based at each high school in the district, but students can also reach out to their teachers, counselor, or school social worker to connect them with the program.

"It’s okay to ask for help," said Kasey. "We’re just here to help you live your best life and plan the best future possible for you and your child."

Click here for more information about the Strong Tomorrows program. Photos from today's event are on Flickr, and you can learn more about it on the Tulsa Public Schools Facebook page.

¡Hoy los estudiantes de East Central High School, Hale High School y algunos de nuestros estudiantes en aprendizaje a distancia participaron en nuestro evento de participación familiar Strong Tomorrows! Los padres jóvenes pudieron recibir un almuerzo empaquetado gratis y una canasta de juguetes para promover las actividades de participación familiar. Mire el video a continuación para obtener más información.