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The Superintendent's Scholars take a group photo

Dr. Ebony Johnson honored ten outstanding students for their exceptional accomplishments and commitment to education at the Superintendent's Scholarship Banquet. 

The banquet was held at Greenwood Cultural Center, and each recipient could bring their family, school leader, counselor, and their greatest teacher they described in their application.

The banquet and awards were sponsored by SODEXO. Each scholar received a $1,000 scholarship, a certificate, an engraved plaque, and a gift to give to their teacher.

Read below to learn about each winner and see what they wrote about their favorite teacher. Click here to view photos from the banquet.

Marcello Santana-Aubert
Booker T. Washington High School

Marcello wrote about Mrs. Hartley: "A great teacher knows when to combine work and enjoyment, as a requisite to success in the classroom is the ability to bring out a smile and laugh in all of your students. When a teacher can turn learning into a journey of knowledge, it is then that students can learn."

Marcello plans to attend the University of Notre Dame.

Bryann Brown
Central High School

Bryann wrote: "Ms. Tucker fueled my love and passion for English. She was always so kind, yet she pushed me to my fullest potential and showed me I could be greater. English is still my favorite subject because of her."

Bryann plans to attend Tulsa Community College.

Isabella Stephens
Edison Preparatory

Isabella wrote about Mrs. Harrington: "I’ve been in her drama class at Edison since I was in the 8th grade, and she was the one who really helped me to break out of my shell. She pushes me harder than anyone I know (except for my parents) and she truly cares about each and every student in the program. Under her guidance, I’ve flourished not only as an actor, a technician, and a student director, but also a human being. I’ve learned incredible things from her and she truly serves as my safe place at school."

Isabella plans to attend Swarthmore College.

Naidelin Lizbeth Orozco
Hale High School

Naidelin wrote about Ms. Hillman: "Through my two years of having her as my teacher, I realized that if she grades the way she does is because she knows you can do better than what you think. She has personally seen my growth during my school year. I enjoyed having her because she always pushed me to try and do better on all my schoolwork."

Naidelin plans to attend Rogers State University.

Char'Niyah Malay'Ja Hall
McLain High School

Char'Niyah wrote about Ms. Shaw: "My greatest teacher is a kindhearted woman that would fight for me as if she was my mother and I was her child. My greatest teacher corrects me when I’m wrong and holds me accountable for my wrongs as well. My greatest teacher reminds me of hope and gives me power to find my way in school and outside of school. My greatest teacher guides me down the right path. My greatest teacher brings light to her classroom and my school day."

Char’Niyah plans to attend Texas State University.

Maira Elizabeth Estrada-Pardo
Memorial High School

Maira wrote: "The way she taught me and the class will be something I will never forget. Ms. Jarman's way of teaching was through connecting things from the past to the present. Ms. Jarman made sure all of us spoke our opinions on any topic discussed in class. She encouraged us to use our voices so that we could be heard. In her class, I always felt that I could go out into the world and change things. She is one of the reasons that I want to pursue education and become a teacher as a career."

Maira plans to attend Tulsa Community College.

Jayden Enrique Remache
Will Rogers College High School

Jayden wrote: "My greatest teacher is Mr. Pride. I had him for sophomore year in English. He was such a kind and selfless teacher who always showed support. He has helped me with a group called FCA and he has always been there to support my goals. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be as prepared as I am."

Jayden plans to attend Oral Roberts University.

Lesley Jane Carranza
Webster High School

Lesley wrote about Mr. Dickens: "He has a contagious passion for literature and language, implementing curiosity and creativity in his students. He fosters a welcoming and inclusive classroom environment where every person is valued. He inspires critical thinking, empathy, and self-expression. With patience and empathy, he tailors his approach to cater to diverse learning styles, guiding students to discover their own unique voices through writing and analysis. His impact extends beyond the classroom, shaping students into lifelong lovers of literature and confident communicators."

Lesley plans to attend Tulsa Community College or the University of Tulsa.

Renae Chasengnou
East Central High School

Renae wrote about Ms. Parks: "She would always give me advice when I needed it the most and believed in me when nobody else did. She always thought that I could get through anything and always gave me encouraging and affirming words."

Renae plans to attend Tulsa Community College.

Chloe Cnyah
North Star Academy

Chloe wrote: "North Star Academy English teacher Ms. Hays is the greatest. She encourages us daily to be our best self, educates us on life skills and always sees the best in her students."

Chloe plans to attend Northeastern Oklahoma A&M.

Superintendent's Scholarship Banquet - May 2024