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A teacher helps two elementary-age girls on Constitution Day 2023.

Each year, Constitution Day serves as an excellent opportunity to focus on our district’s commitment to enriching civic education. Social studies teachers across the district planned engaging, interactive lessons designed to make the Constitution come alive. Students participated in a variety of grade level and state standards aligned activities. 

At Disney Elementary, Belina Ball’s 2nd grade students were fully immersed in the democratic process through participating in a mock election. Furthermore, they gained a deeper understanding of what it means to become a U.S. citizen by acting out a Naturalization Ceremony. 5th grade teacher, Dawn Curtis, read the book “We the Kids” by David Catrow and led students in a hands-on activity to dissect each phrase of the Preamble.

At Monroe Demonstration School, 7th grade students in Nhandi Johnson’s class, engaged in a lesson to learn about the importance of Civil Dialogue and the varying interpretations of the Constitution. Students in Stephen Spark’s 8th grade U.S. History class analyzed the Preamble and created a “Classroom Constitution” that bridged Constitutional ideals with their educational and personal values.  Destini Robinson’s 8th graders tackled an in-depth analysis of all parts of the U.S. Constitution, emphasizing mastery of the document’s academic vocabulary.

At Edison High School, Matt Trosper’s Civics and U.S. Government students dove deep into the text of the Constitution to examine and analyze concepts such as purpose, historical context, the varying points of view of the framers, as well as its limitations.

At Hale High School, Allen Medlock’s 9th grade Civics students focused on preparation for the upcoming Civics Knowledge Assessment. Students carried out a comprehensive examination of the parts of the U.S. Constitution and practiced questions that will appear on the Civics Knowledge Assessment.

At Will Rogers College High School, social studies teacher Jo Glenn and Librarian Stephanie Brucks hosted a voter registration drive for 12th grade students. Students become well-versed in the intricacies of the voting process, including voter eligibility and how to find your polling place. Students at the end of the presentation chose whether or not they wanted to register to vote. Ms. Glenn and Ms. Brucks provided assistance to 100 new voters!

Check out photos from Constitution Day 2023 in the slideshow below!