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Gigi Coleman takes a photo with the aerospace students

Students at East Central High School learned about Bessie Coleman during an assembly today. Bessie Coleman is the first Black woman and the first Native American woman to hold a pilot's license in the United States. The assembly is hosted by her great-niece, Gigi Coleman, who performs a one-woman show about Bessie's life.

"I'm here to inspire the young people to think about aviation as a career and to inform them about my great-aunt and what her achievements were in aviation and how she wouldn't take no for an answer." said Gigi. "They can do whatever they want to in life. Every no will bring them closer to a yes."

Fifty students from East Central Middle School visited the high school to see the the program. Gigi Coleman met with the middle school students and the high school aerospace students after the assembly.

Check out photos from the show in the slideshow below.

Bessie Coleman Assembly at East Central High School