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teachers stand on TU football field

Twenty-two Tulsa Public Schools teachers were received gift cards at the University of Tulsa football game on Saturday night. The gift cards were made possible through a College Football Playoff Foundation grant called Extra Yard for Teachers and will be used to start an after school club at their schools next semester.

Congratulations to all the recipients!

  • Stephanie Peppers, Anderson Elementary
  • Kyle Gallien, Anderson Elementary
  • Doyne Filhiol, Burroughs Elementary
  • Vicky Caldwell, Burroughs Elementary
  • John Quillman, Celia Clinton Elementary
  • Heather Erdmann, Celia Clinton Elementary
  • Natalie Donaldson, Hawthorne Elementary
  • Denise Klein, Hawthorne Elementary
  • Donna Bishop, McKinley Elementary
  • Robin Harris, McKinley Elementary
  • Lynna Baldwin, Owen Elementary
  • Kirsten McCullough, Owen Elementary
  • Corey Myers, Springdale Elementary
  • Keith Ruggles, Springdale Elementary
  • Angela Silmon, Unity Learning Academy
  • Mariesha Shaw, Unity Learning Academy
  • Adazhawa Clark, John Hope Franklin Elementary
  • Sherrita Arrington, John Hope Franklin Elementary
  • Mary Sedwick, Kendall-Whittier Elementary
  • Jessie Kothe, Kendall-Whittier Elementary
  • Catherine Fee, Monroe Demonstration Academy
  • Laura Grisham, Monroe Demonstration Academy