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Recipients of the 2023 Tomas Rivera award

Photo credit: Asuntos Hispanos En Tulsa

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2023 Tomás Rivera Awards presented by the Greater Tulsa Area Hispanic/Latinx Affairs Commission!

These twenty Tulsa Public Schools seniors are being honored for their contribution to the Latinx community by demonstrating exceptional leadership in school and in their community. They also earned a grade point average of at least 3.0 and had 90 percent attendance this year. Great job!

  • Alondra Santana Juarez - North Star Academy
  • Brandie Quiroz - East Central High School
  • Brenda Gayton - North Star Academy
  • Emerson Martinez - Webster High School
  • Esmeralda Romero Gonzales - East Central High School
  • Fatima Maldonado - Rogers College High School
  • Fernando Botello - Hale High School
  • Helen Martinez Mora - East Central High School
  • Isac Anguiano - Hale High School
  • Jame Zamora Calvo - East Central High School
  • Jasmin Villalobos - Rogers College High School
  • Jesus Alvarado - Edison Preparatory
  • Jocelyn Isela Torres Becerra - Webster High School
  • Justin Castorena - Hale High School
  • Karla Rubio - Hale High School
  • Leonel Olmos - Booker T. Washington High School
  • Lesbia (Julissa) Lemus Gutierrez - East Central High School
  • Lesley Carranza Arana - Webster High School
  • Victor Hernandez - East Central High School
  • Wendolyne Alvarez - Street School