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Tulsa Public Schools wrestlers compete in state tournament

Several Tulsa Public Schools student-athletes have qualified for the state wrestling tournament!

Marlon Houston, Tulsa Public Schools assistant district athletic director, said: "We are immensely proud of these athletes for their remarkable achievements and the recognition they bring to their respective schools. Their dedication, perseverance, and sportsmanship truly embody the spirit of our district's athletic programs."

Learn more about each athlete below:

McLain High School:

  • Aubrey Bolton: Aubrey has secured her spot as the top qualifier from McLain. She claimed the title of 5A-Eastern Regional Champion in the 170lb weight class, showcasing her exceptional skills and determination.
  • Harmony Callins: Harmony demonstrated her prowess by placing 3rd at the 5A Eastern Regionals in the 190lb weight class, further highlighting McLain's strength in wrestling.

Will Rogers High School:

  • Janaye Wise: Janaye's impressive performance led her to secure the 3rd position at 145lbs during the 6A Eastern Regionals solidifying her spot in the state tournament.
  • Daniela Gomez-Mercado: Daniela also proved her mettle by clinching the 3rd position in the Heavyweight category (HWT) at the 6A Eastern Regionals, earning her place in the state tournament.
  • Guy Staff: Guy's outstanding performance led him to secure the 5th position at 144lbs.
  • Isaac Colon-Arce: Isaac displayed his prowess by securing the 5th position at 157lbs.
  • Eden Silvan: Eden showcased his skills by clinching the 5th position at 215lbs.

Hale High School:

  • Leandra Ortiz: It's a historic moment for Hale High School, as Leandra Ortiz became their first state qualifier in at least 15 years and the first ever girls state qualifier. She secured her spot at the state level by performing exceptionally well in the 6A Eastern Regionals placing 5th at 120lbs.

Booker T Washington High School:

  • Eva Ross: Booker T Washington's new girls wrestling program made a remarkable debut with Eva Ross clinching the 5th position at the 6A Eastern Regionals. Her achievement marks a significant milestone as the first-ever girls' state qualifier for Booker T Washington High School.
  • Boone Garrett-Spring: Boone's achievement of securing the 4th position at 190lbs marks a significant milestone for Booker T. Washington High School. This is their first boy state qualifier in several years, following the reinstatement of the BTW wrestling program this year.

Edison Preparatory High School:

  • Elijah Cherry: Elijah demonstrated his skill and determination by securing the Regional Runner-Up title at 106lbs.
  • Teric Hussani: Teric's impressive performance earned him the 4th position at 120lbs.
  • London Labbe: London showcased his talent by clinching the 5th position at 150lbs.

East Central High School:

  • Creshawn Mayberry: Creshawn's remarkable performance earned him the 4th position in the Heavyweight category (285lbs), securing his spot at the state tournament.

Daniel Webster High School:

  • Edwin Hammond: Edwin's impressive performance led him to secure the 5th position at 113lbs, marking a significant achievement for Webster High School as their first state qualifier in several years.

We are excited to see our athletes compete this week in Oklahoma City!