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Meeting with Board Member Don Burdick 
Held on January 12, 2024 at the Education Service Center

Tulsa Public Schools met with Oklahoma State Board of Education Member Don Burdick at the Education Service Center to discuss Tulsa Public Schools’ and Mr. Burdick’s vision for volunteer engagement in the district. The outcome of the meeting was Mr. Burdick offered to support TPS in recruiting the community to engage with our schools. Mr. Burdick stated that a very low stakes program would be best for volunteers and expressed the idea that our district needed to keep it as simple as possible. Mr. Burdick suggested that volunteer intake forms should be as simple and broken up into two parts (part one: information, part two: background check questionnaire). 

Mr. Burdick also suggested that we should create clear and easy processes for volunteers to check-in at a school. Mr. Burdick suggested that volunteers should have a clear understanding of their simple task, such as reading with students. He believes that reading with students will create a strong desire in community members to continue coming back and make them feel they are “making a difference.” 

Mr. Burdick suggested that if background checks were a barrier, he could potentially support fundraising efforts. District representatives asked to secure Mr. Burdick’s feedback on the forms and registration process as it is developed.

Meeting with Board Member Kendra Wesson 
Held on January 9, 2024, virtually

Tulsa Public Schools met with Oklahoma State Board of Education Member Kendra Wesson to discuss volunteer initiatives. During the meeting, Ms. Wesson discussed her childhood experience with education and the value school and teachers offered her, opening her eyes to new experiences. During the meeting, Ms. Wesson was updated on the winter tutoring program at Tulsa Public Schools and discussed the need for community members to volunteer and engage in programming. Board Member Wesson expressed the desire to support Tulsa Public Schools and district officials agreed to keep her up to date on volunteer initiatives.