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East Central students build a Rube Goldberg machine

East Central High School held their 4th annual STEAM Expo on January 18. Students spent the day participating in engineering challenges that put their knowledge and creativity to the test. This school-wide event gave students the opportunity to select projects they would like to work on throughout the day.

In the main engineering challenges, students competed for prizes by creating Rube Goldberg machines, debunking on-screen science, disassembling and correctly reassembling electronics, building fan cars, making glowing artwork, and more. Some students choose to do the egg drop where they applied their knowledge of physics to craft baskets to keep eggs safe when dropped off the roof of the school. 

Students could also choose from the twelve smaller competitions to participate in, which included Jeopardy, Mathlympics, paper airplanes, or an escape room. Prize drawing tickets were given to students who competed well.

In the cafeteria, the science research projects students spent weeks preparing were evaluated by volunteer judges from the school's partner organizations.

In the robotics room, students put the final touches on their robots preparing them for battle in the tabletop arena. Each robot was uniquely designed and decorated by each team of students for the afternoon competition. 

Check out photos from the STEAM Expo in the slideshow below:

STEAM Expo at East Central High School